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Did you know that Touched by an Angel's theme song, "Walk with You," was performed by Della Reese? Well, it was probably obvious, as the actress/singer had a unique voice, but having one of the show's stars sing the opening song with such heartfelt lyrics was a great way to start the episodes. 

There's even an album for the show called Touched by an Angel: The Album. If you love the show, you most likely sing or hum the lyrics as the opening credits appear; can you finish the lyrics?
  1. When you walk down the ______
  2. Heavy ______, Heavy load
  3. I will ______, and I will ______ with you
  4. I'll walk ______ you
  5. Until the ______ don't even ______
  6. Walk with you. ______ be there ______.
  7. I _______ you I'll walk with you
  8. ______ me I'll walk with you

Can you finish the lyrics of Touched by an Angel's theme song?

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