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Sometimes you hear a tune or a beat that makes your body move, and there's no stopping! Dancing has been a form of expression for many different cultures, and it brings happiness to those who want to get lost in the groove.

For this quiz, we're taking it back to the '60s. Whether you're a world-class dancer, just dance for fun or like watching others dance, we're sure you know many of these moves have names. It's up to you to decide which are real, though.
  1. Dance move: The Twist
  2. Dance move: The Sweet Duster
  3. Dance move: The Mashed Potato
  4. Dance move: The Madison
  5. Dance move: The Cackle
  6. Dance move: The Hully Gully
  7. Dance move: The Watusi
  8. Dance move: The Rabbit Jump
  9. Dance move: The Pony
  10. Dance move: The Hitch Hike

Are these real dances from the 1960s, or did we make them Up?

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