Are you on a first name basis with Medium characters?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: April 3, 2019, 3:54PM
On Medium, Allison divides her time between her husband and three daughters and the detectives and lawyers she psychically assists through cases.

If you tuned in to this keyed-in drama, then your future looks good for scoring high on this quiz! Scroll through the major characters below and see if you can pick out the correct first name to prove how well you know Medium's most familiar faces. Good luck!
  1. Allison's husband's name is: [???] Dubois
  2. Allison's oldest daughter is named: [???] Dubois
  3. Allison's middle daughter is named: [???] Dubois
  4. Allison's youngest daughter is named: [???] Dubois
  5. The District Attorney on the show is named: [???] Devalos
  6. The detective we see most on the show is named: [???] Scanlon
  7. She's the deputy mayor and eventually Scanlon's wife: [???] DiNovi
  8. Allison's oldest daughter has a best friend named: [???]
  9. This former D.A. becomes Devalos' rival: [???] Van Dyke
  10. Anjelica Huston played a recurring role as private detective: [???] Keener
Are you on a first name basis with Medium characters?

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Nona 7 days ago
I got 10 out of 10 I know Medium and a big fan of the show
Nortex 2 months ago
Super show wish it was still on . Love the Channel !!
Barbara 2 months ago
I wish for new show as the girls gets older

Lissa 3 months ago
LOVE this show! New viewer and I am so thrilled with all of these shows! My new favorite channel!!!
Ida 3 months ago
Luv this show as well ... :) Great choice ! Along w/Closer, Unforgettable, Cold Case, Crossing Jordan, The Good Wife and the Ghost Whisperer ... those are MY favorites :)
Girl535657Army 3 months ago
I love Medium. I was watching when it premiered on prime time TV. I was hooked from S1Ep1. I watch it still & I catch the real meaning of scenes & words that I missed before. I love when that happens.
Annette 4 months ago
I love this show and I sure did miss it!!
lee 4 months ago
Love the show I watch the show everyday twice a day the cast is wonderful
Robin 4 months ago
I loved and still love this show!!!
SteveHunter 4 months ago
This is a very good show. Filled with suspense.
SteveHunter 4 months ago
I try to watch every day. One of the BEST shows on even if some are reruns.
This is one of hubby and mys fav shows!
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