You know her as the charming writer with an eye for catching suspects. However, how well do you actually know the Murder, She Wrote character, Jessica Fletcher? In honor of the series joining Start TV's lineup, let's see if you can pass this quiz. Good luck! 
  1. Before she became Jessica Fletcher, what was the character's name?
  2. What kind of novels did Fletcher write?
  3. How many siblings does the character have?
  4. What college did she attend to become a journalist?
  5. What was her husband's name?
  6. A few of Fletcher novels were mentioned throughout the series. What's one of them?
  7. What's something that Jessica didn't know how to do?
  8. What's her address?
  9. What is Grady's relation to Jessica Fletcher?
  10. Other than being an author and detective, what other jobs did she have?

How well do you know the character Jessica Fletcher?

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