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It's common knowledge that TV shows and movies will often shoot in the same cities, areas or even the exact same studio sets. With a touch of Hollywood magic, one movie destination can suddenly become the home of distinctly different shows.

You'll soon see that the town of Grandview that we tour again and again in Ghost Whisperer goes by many other names on TV and in movies. Can you I.D. all these shows that share Ghost Whisperer's small-town set?
  1. Grandview becomes Stars Hollow for this show. Lorelai and Rory are a mother and daughter duo who face the world together, be it good times, bad times or ridiculously goofy times.
      Warner Bros. Television
  2. Hold on to your hats; these cousins are ignoring every speed limit sign in Hazzard County, Ga. Funny how a tiny town in Georgia can wind up in Hollywood AND as Melinda Gordon's hometown.
      Warner Bros. Television
  3. When a young doctor has to make a big change to pursue her dreams of becoming a heart surgeon, the Grandview set becomes the town of Bluebell, Alabama, and the backdrop for her adventures.
      CBS Television Studios/ Warner Bros. Television
  4. In this sequel, Marty McFly gets a sneak peak at the way his hometown of Hill Valley will look in 2015. Between the hover-boards and the wacky fashion trends, it's clear that the future Grandview set back then needed a major makeover for the movie:
      Universal Pictures
  5. High school is rough when your clique falls apart after the disappearance of your leader. Four high school girls must solve the mysteries behind a death in the town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, shot on the same set that haunts Melinda Gordon.
      ABC Family/ Warner Horizon Television

Can you I.D. shows shot on the same set as Ghost Whisperer?

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