How well do you know ''The Boy in the Box''?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 26, 2023, 10:56AM
Cold Case deals with many gruesome cases lost to time, including some that were even pulled from real life. "The Boy in the Box" falls into this category, based off of a real cold case from back in the '50s. Do you remember this episode where Lily and the team look into this mysterious death of a young boy who was found in a punch box?
  1. When is the cold case originally from?
  2. Where did Arnold, the victim, originally reside?
  3. What club was Arnold and his friends a part of?
  4. What animal was Walter following when he found the box?
  5. The woman who visits Arnold's grave was wearing a plaid jacket. What color was it?
  6. Which is not a revelation that team learns about Arnold?
  7. What cereal was first mentioned during the flashbacks?
  8. What were the doctors doing at Fernwood in the '50s?
  9. What happened to Arnold?
  10. Who really was the woman in the plaid coat?
How well do you know ''The Boy in the Box''?

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