Who would you rely on most from The Closer?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: September 10, 2019, 2:49PM
The Closer is full of characters that we know and love. When a fandom is as dedicated to a show as this, it's pretty easy to figure out who will be given which responsibilities or tasks to handle. Interrogate a suspect? Obviously Brenda Leigh Johnson. Find a teeny-tiny detail in the paperwork and use is to your advantage? Sharon Raydor, of course. Think of anything within the context of the show, and it's an easy match to a character you love.

But what if we took those characters out of the world of The Closer and asked them to help with some day-to-day activities, like defrosting chicken or changing a lightbulb? We're curious to know – who would you rely on most in the show to take care of these out-of-the-box activities? We picked three prominent characters on the show for you to choose from; it's entirely up to you! 
  1. Who would you trust to thaw frozen chicken for dinner?
  2. Who would you choose to have on your team during a zombie invasion?
  3. Who would you choose to help you do some deep spy work on a suspicious character?
  4. Who would you trust to water your plants while you were on vacation?
  5. Who would you ask to babysit or petsit for you at the last minute?
Who would you rely on most from The Closer?

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EUGENIA 12 days ago
I like how Brenda gets things done but she is a scatter brain in too many ways. Pope - he's a whinny spoiled brat. Fritz is dependable in all things.
Beth 3 months ago
I wish you would show all seasons of The Closer and The Good Wife.
Phoebe13 8 months ago
The three best characters from The Closer are missing from this so-called sequel: Brenda, Fritz and Sergeant Gabriel. IMO this show won't last very long.
Yvonne 8 months ago
Brenda’s personality is exactly why she’s sooo good at her job!! But like everyone else - people like the job you do - but complain about how you get the job done!
txrebel1 8 months ago
Judgemental just a tad. It is only a TV show😂🤣
BrightFeather2 16 months ago
The most reliable person on everything is the Fritz Howard character.
Will Pope is too flighty and does not seem to be that experienced.
Brenda is too wrapped up in herself to think about anything or anyone else.
She and her job come before God. A very narcissist character.
Very mind scattered and not trustworthy to care for anything outside of herself.
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