Chaz Ebert, CEO, Ebert Enterprises & The Chaz and Roger Ebert Foundation

Chaz Ebert has good reason to believe ''hope is a strategy''

Shalini Patel, CEO, Inspire Girls Academy

Shalini Patel inspires young girls to combat low self-esteem

Janice Jackson, CEO, Chicago Public Schools

Dr. Janice Jackson is ''aggressive'' about improving public schools

Emily Barr, President and CEO, Graham Media Group

Emily Barr has the motivation you need to stop doubting yourself at work

Betsy Ziegler, CEO, 1871, Tech Innovation Hub

Betsy Ziegler's goals go beyond being a female CEO

Becky Wahlstrom, Actress, 'Joan of Arcadia'

Becky Wahlstrom went from actress to writer to tell stories no one else is telling

Barbara Barreno-Paschall, Senior Staff Attorney, Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights

Barbara Barreno-Paschall on the importance of getting out and understanding other people's perspectives

Tracy Baim, Publisher, Chicago Reader

Publisher Tracy Baim has a plan to save alternative journalism

Thea Flaum, Executive Producer "Sneak Previews"

Thea Flaum made TV history by putting Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel together

Heidi Stevens, Columnist, Chicago Tribune

Heidi Stevens finds power in writing her truth

Megan Cunniff Church, Trial Attorney

Trial attorney Megan Cunniff Church has advice on facing fears in the courtroom

Marcia Cleveland, Open Water Swimmer, Coach and Triple Crown Record Holder

Marcia Cleveland took being tough to new lengths as an open water swimmer

Nancy Faust, Former Chicago White Sox Organist

Organist Nancy Faust hit a home run by happening into her career in baseball

Gale Gand, James Beard Award-winning Chef

Chef Gale Gand's method for success is ''Always say yes''

Ina Pinkney, "The Breakfast Queen"

Ina Pinkney paved her own way as the ''Breakfast Queen''

Karen Conti, Attorney & Radio Host

Attorney Karen Conti doesn't regret any of the chances she took

KT McCammond, Cabaret Singer

Cabaret singer KT McCammond explains how music became her ''home''

Antoinette Alcazar, Chicago Police Officer & Artist

Antoinette Alcazar honed her strength to support anyone "who can't help themselves"

Erin Sarofsky, President, Owner and Creative Director of Sarofsky Corp.

Erin Sarofsky battled pay inequality by building her own "matriarchy"

Flo Mitchell-Brown, Media Entrepreneur

Flo Mitchell-Brown explains how women are natural leaders

Kelly Wallace, Journalist and Digital Correspondent

Kelly Wallace explains why you should ''go for it'' in journalism

Charna Halpern, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of iO Theatre

Improv comedy pioneer Charna Halpern says to ''celebrate each other's difference''

Julie Proudfoot, Founding Artistic Director of Artemisia

Artistic director Julie Proudfoot is laser-focused on telling more women's stories

Katharine Zaleski, Co-Founder/President, PowerToFly

Katharine Zaleski champions women in the workplace

Mayor, City of Highland Park, IL

Nancy Rotering rang every doorbell to become the first woman mayor of City of Highland Park

Dionne Warwick, Singer

The incomparable Dionne Warwick takes us back to her days as a background singer

Molly O'Brien, Executive Producer of Special Projects, Fork Films

Molly O'Brien strives for representation in film

Iris Grossman, Manager and Producer, Echo Lake Entertainment

Renowned talent agent Iris Grossman has redefined success

Yvonne Russo, CEO & Executive Producer, Yvonne Russo Productions

Yvonne Russo believes stories shape the world

Brenda Berkman, Retired Captain of the New York City Fire Department

Brenda Berkman fought the law and won a huge battle for female firefighters