What is My Start Story?

All you need to know about Start TV's inspiring video series.

Natalie Shmulik, CEO, The Hatchery

Natalie Shmulik is the go-to resource for anything related to food

Margot McMahon, Sculptor

Margot McMahon's sculptures speak to social change

Felicia Davis, President & CEO, Chicago Foundation for Women

Creating opportunities for herself & others is what Felicia Davis is all about

Wendy Burton, President & CEO, World Tree

There's a reaon Wendy Burton is called ''The Tree Lady''

Sheila Brown, Executive Director, CineCares Foundation at CineSpace Chicago Film Studios

Sheila Brown is creating opportunity and success in the community where she grew up

Karen Herold, Interior Designer, Studio K

Karen Herold, Interior Designer, Studio K

Hiba Bhatty, Architect, Valerio Dewalt Train Associates

Hiba Bhatty, Architect, Valerio Dewalt Train Associates

Marsha Serlin, Founder & CEO, United Scrap Metal

Scrap metal mogul Marsha Serlin is living the American dream

Christine Izuakor, Ph.D, Senior Manager, Global Security Strategy & Awareness

Why diverse representation is so important to Dr. Christine Izuakor, cybersecurity expert

Roma Maffia, Actor

Roma Maffia vowed never to have the same job twice, and she has kept that promise

Dominique Turner, President & CEO, Chicago Scholars

Dominique Jordan Turner is passionate about creating equal education opportunities for underserved youth

Dr. Dinee Simpson, Transplant Surgeon

Dinee Simpson's desire to fix things helps give new life to transplant patients

Hoda Katebi, Fashion Creative, Community Organizer

Hoda Kaebi heads an all-women immigrant & refugee-run apparel manufacturing co-op

Esther Franklin, EVP, Spark Foundry

Advertising pioneer Esther Franklin has a track record of breaking boundaries

Holly McGuire, Editor-in-Chief, Chase's Calendar of Events

Holly McGuire gives people something to celebrate

Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt BVM, Chaplain, Loyola University men's basketball team

Scouting reports and spiritual advice: how Sister Jean became Loyola basketball’s secret weapon

Annie Nocenti, Former Writer for Marvel and DC Comics

Annie Nocenti: a trailblazer in the comic book world

Andrea Zopp, President & CEO, World Business Chicago

Andrea Zopp is a force for change

Sheila Talton, CEO, Gray Matter Analytics

Technoloy leader Sheila Talton never let bias get in the way of her goals

Molly Pinta, Co-Founder, Pinta Pride Project

Teen Molly Pinta is already a leader in the LGBTQ community

Jacquie Purcell, Coroner Kendall County, Illinois

Coroner Jacquie Purcell helps families find peace following tragedy

Zeita Merchant, U.S. Coast Guard Commanding Officer

Coast Guard Commanding Officer Zeita Merchant names it and claims it

Tara Poremba, Canine trainer, Chicago Police Department

CPD canine trainer Tara Poremba likes to challenge herself

Kristen Ziman, Chief of Police, Aurora, IL

This is how Chief of Police Kristen Ziman became unstoppable

Siobhan Johnson, Special Agent with the FBI

Special Agent Siobhan Johnson says the best way to join the FBI is "just jump in"

Julie Smolyansky, CEO, Lifeway Foods

Julie Smolyansky became CEO at 27

Genevieve Thiers, Founder, SitterCity

Genevieve Thiers wants more women in tech

MariaRosa Cartolano, General Counsel, Forbes Media

MariaRosa Cartolano on how to let others know you belong at the table

Liz Aiello, V.P. Talk Programming, Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Liz Aiello: The Air Force made me a broadcaster