MariaRosa Cartolano, General Counsel, Forbes Media

MariaRosa Cartolano on how to let others know you belong at the table

Emilia DiMenco, President & CEO, Women’s Business Development Center

Emilia DiMenco helps women fulfill their dreams

Melody Spann Cooper, Chairwoman & CEO of Midway Broadcasting Corporation

Melody Spann Cooper went from radio intern to radio station owner

Mireya Mayor, Primatologist, Conservationist, Explorer and TV Host

Mireya Mayor went from NFL cheerleader to the female ''Indiana Jones''

Susie Zwerman, Studio Executive Producer, Exceptional Minds

Susie Zwerman helps young adults with autism produce for Marvel Studios

Genevieve Thiers, Founder, SitterCity

Genevieve Thiers wants more women in tech

Antonia Lofaso, Chef

Celebrated chef Antonia Lofaso believes mentorship is a gift

Alisha Elenz, Executive Chef, mfk.

Alisha Elenz became an executive chef at just 23

Julie Smolyansky, CEO, Lifeway Foods

Julie Smolyansky became CEO at 27

Kimberly Anyadike, Youngest Black Woman to Complete Flight Across the U.S.

Kimberly Anyadike's source of motivation comes from an unlikely place

Carroll Bogert, President, Marshall Project

Carroll Bogert discusses the power of speaking the truth

Robin Harris, Founder and CEO | Model Atelier, Confidence Apparel

Former Ford model Robin Harris is boosting self-esteem through fashion

Susan Axelrod, Founder, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy

An agonizing diagnosis for Susan Axelrod's daughter led her to act

Shanésia Davis, Actress

Actress Shanésia Davis' most notable role was preceded by her most unforgettable audition

Julie Harris Walker, Host ‘The Other 50%'

Julie Harris Walker pursues gender equality in Hollywood

Andrea Serrano, Managing Director, Individual Giving for Teach for America

Andrea Serrano followed her passion for equal opportunity in education

Suzanne Tracht, Chef & Owner, Jar Restaurant

Suzanne Tracht: from dishwashing station to owner & chef

Erica Gimpel, Performing Artist

Erica Gimpel tells stories that can really move you

Kathryn Frazier, Founder & Owner, Biz3 Publicity

Kathryn Frazier uses her clear vision to promote top artistic talents

Chris Linkletter, Lifeguard Chief, Los Angeles County Fire Department

''Leading by example is important,'' and Chris Linkletter has done that throughout her career

Tai Duncan, Attorney, Coach and Consultant

Tai Duncan advocates taking the unconventional route

Yvonne Huff Lee, Actress

Yvonne Huff Lee on why it's so important to ''ask for what you need''

Nani Cholakians, Coroner Lieutenant, Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner

Nani Cholakians ''vividly'' remembers the first death she investigated

May Lee, Broadcast Journalist

May Lee remains a trailblazer for Asian broadcast journalists everywhere

Eleni Pappas, Assistant Fire Chief, Los Angeles County Fire Department

Eleni Pappas became the highest ranking female firefighter in LA County

Caroline Perzan, Film Set Decorator

Caroline Perzan's best quality as a set designer? Listening

Mary Mitchell, Columnist and Editorial Board Member, Chicago Sun-Times

Mary Mitchell writes to give a voice to the voiceless