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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Bounty Hunter, The

After a sophisticated millionaire attempts to rob a bank and is shot down by the police, the F.B.I team investigates further into the businessman's life and find designer drugs at the heart of it. Meanwhile, Sue and Lucy have Levi photographed for dog food advertisements.  

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman


A traveling photographer arrives in town and opens a photo exhibit. Dr. Mike discovers he is ill and is met with resistance when she recommends treatment. The town comes together for a photo. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Race

After receiving a fast horse as a gift, Dr. Mike is determined to ride in the upcoming horse race despite the fact that women aren't allowed. So Sully helps her disguise herself as a man. 

Touched by an Angel


Tess and the other angels return to a small town to help a woman who is lonely after her boyfriend leaves her. 

Touched by an Angel


An editorial cartoonist conflicts with her Jewish father when she creates comics that make fun of her father's faith. 

Any Day Now

Contest, the

Present: Rene and Turk have a spirited disagreement over potential candidates for a Girls At Risk scholarship before Turk finally gives in to Rene's choice; Sara busily plays matchmaker even though Rene vehemently tries to discourage her; Rene's ex-husband comes into town on a three day business trip and tries unsuccessfully to woo her until her resistance finally fails, and they fall into each other's arms; the next morning over breakfast, they agree that although they are great lovers they are not in love with each other, and Rene somewhat reluctantly sends him back home to Houston; M.E. and Colliar struggle to adjust to living in an apartment building with noisy, incense-burning, chanting neighbors as well as airplanes flying closely overhead, a smelly carpet, and plumbing problems. Past: "Bob Goodie's Dance Machine"" 

Ghost Whisperer

The Ghost Within

A ghost who keeps causing an ornament to reappear is particularly challenging for Melinda to communicate with. 


The People in Your Neighborhood

Allison's neighbors grow enraged when a convicted sex offender moves into the neighborhood. 

Crossing Jordan

After Dark

When a mysterious blackout hits the city, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) and Bug (Ravi Kapoor) find themselves trapped in the middle of a multi-car pile-up in the TWT (Ted Williams Tunnel). 

Crossing Jordan

Out of Sight

When a millionaire turns up dead after a charity event, suspect number one is his agoraphobic neighbor, Louis Jeffries (guest star Jeremy London), a renowned artist with a motive who Jordan (Jill Hennessy) becomes attracted to, and whom Woody (Jerry O'Connell) is determined to prove is the murderer. 

Cold Case


The team reopens the 1992 case of a 14-year-old inner-city math whiz who was shot after his 16-year-old half-brother exploited the genius' knack for counting cards and cracking safes to benefit a local gang. 



A second murder occurs at an active crime scene, and Al and Carrie must find the killer among the bystanders. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Face Value

The Rizzolis prepare for a visit from a scheming cousin. 

The Closer

Standards and Practices

A Hollywood producer dies in his hot tub, but can Priority Homicide prove its murder? Meanwhile, an anonymous complaint threatens Brenda's career. 

The Closer

Blue Blood

Brenda finds herself at odds with the force when her investigation questions the character of a fallen officer. 

Major Crimes

Hindsight (Part 4)

Sharon forces her way forward to the truth. 

Major Crimes

Hindsight (Part 5)

Sharon Raydor makes good use of a highly unreliable witness. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Don't Hate the Player

A baseball coach is found dead. Jane's big brother returns. 

In Plain Sight

The Anti-Social Network

Mary returns to WITSEC from maternity leave to find a new set of office dynamics. She must protect a witness who could take down one of the most powerful secret societies in the country. 

The Good Wife

After the Fall

Alicia represents a director accused of exploiting a suicide, and the other partners fight to take Will's spot. 


I Feel Sorry For Me

Rayna goes after Sadie Stone as a new artist to sign to her record label Highway 65. In order to woo her, Rayna invites Sadie out for a girlĂ•s day on the town, which she thinks may help to seal the deal. Juliette continues to try her best at hiding her pregnancy but when she starts to have stomach pains and mood swings, she has to let down her wall. Later, an assertive and sultry backup singer takes a liking to Deacon but his down in the dumps attitude does nothing but shut her out. Then, Zoey witnesses odd behavior between Scarlett and Gunnar and lets her inner jealousy get the best of her. She tries to mend things at the Bluebird but they end up backfiring terribly. Meanwhile, Avery continues to use alcohol to drown his sorrows, which only takes him to new lows, and Jeff has ulterior motives as he pursues Teddy and the girls. 

Cagney and Lacey


When hazing is suspected to have caused a girl to fall off a roof while rushing a sorority, the sisters close ranks, impeding the investigation. 

Cagney and Lacey


Petrie falls under suspicion when someone he was squabbling with is murdered. Chris finds out a reporter she's dating isn't just interested in her romantically. 

Family Law

Irreparable Harm

The firm moves to Venice Beach and hires two new associates.