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Any Day Now

Hey Ugly!

Present: Rene becomes the guardian ad litem for a young teenager whose mother is being investigated for abuse after allowing her daughter to undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries; M.E. and Colliar confront Kelly after a condom drops out of her boyfriend's jacket; realizing she's not over Bill yet, Rene decides to break up with Clay. Past: M.E. and Rene give Tully's cousin Agnes a makeover to help her fit in with the other kids. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Healing

A bitter Loren, who blames Sully for his daughter's death, tries to repossess Dr. Mike's cabin when he learns he still owns the deed. 

Touched by an Angel

My Brother's Keeper

Two competitive best friends need to learn to settle their differences before a ski match. 

Touched by an Angel

On Edge

The angels step in when a skater wants to be just like her con artist father. 

Murder, She Wrote

Twice Dead

"Jessica (Angela Lansbury) tracks the killer of a Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist (guest star Bruce Weitz) who had previously felt the need to fake his own death." 

Murder, She Wrote

Film Flam

"Homicide haunts the release of a restored movie, and Jessica (Angela Lansbury) investigates the current crime and the 1960 murder that prevented the original release." 


Soul Survivor

Allison helps Devalos investigate the slaying of his friend's sister. 


Into the Woods

"Holmes and Watson must find the connection between three unrelated murders. Billionaire Odin Reichenbach suspects he is being threatened by someone in his own company and hires Holmes and Watson to find the perpetrator." 


Command: Delete

"Tech Billionaire Odin Reichenbach presents Holmes and Watson with an extraordinary offer to help him with a program that can predict future crimes. Also, Holmes and Watson assist Bell when he tries to prevent a future crime of his own, as he races to locate a fellow NYPD officer planning a sniper shooting." 

Covert Affairs

I Can't Quit You, Baby

After a diamond smuggler is busted trying to enter the country, Annie is sent to London to infiltrate the group and replace him. 

Cold Case

Disco Inferno

In 1978, fire destroyed a disco, and 23 people died. The partial remains of a body were recently found six feet underneath the building siteā€”in the former VIP room. The victim died of a gunshot wound to the head. 



Carrie is unable to utilize her perfect memory when an assassin doses her with a deadly poison that attacks her brain. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Shadow of Doubt

A clever killer tries to get away with the perfect crime. 

The Closer

A Family Affair

Major Crimes helps a fellow officer solve the murder of her daughter. Meanwhile, Captain Raydor's audit focuses on Sanchez. 

The Closer

Death Warrant

Brenda's attorney deposes Major Crimes to find the leak while Brenda turns to Captain Raydor for help before an attack by the drug cartel. 

Major Crimes

Two Options

Major Crimes hunts a killer who is taking hostages. 

Major Crimes

Cutting Loose

A star of the TV show Tao consults on becomes a suspect. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Seventeen Ain't So Sweet

Korsak gets a visit from his ex-wife (LOLITA DAVIDOVICH). 

In Plain Sight

Love's Faber Lost

Agent Mike Faber returns to Mary's life when he gives her a new witness: Natalie, a key witness and co-conspirator in a nationwide mortgage fraud scheme which was operated by major gangs to raise millions for drugs and weapons. Mary is forced to work closely with Faber, who appears to have an alternate agenda: sparking a romance between the two. 

Cold Case


When the skeletal remains of a man found in a subway tunnel are identified as a miner who disappeared in 1947, Rush and Valens believe that he may have been murdered. 


Meet Joe Connelly

"A single-minded Syd (Melina Kanakaredes) fights the system when she treats a deathly sick baby boy suffering from failure to thrive and her only hope is to convince a major pharmaceutical company to provide a precious life-saving drug -- but she can't seem to free her way through the red tape. Meanwhile, Syd encounters a handsome, helpful congressman (guest star Steven Ekholdt) whose field office is next door and Robbie (Seth Peterson) hopes to rough it when he sweeps Tina (guest star Maria Pitillo, Godzilla") off to a mountain cabin until natural disasters make them feel like the Out-of-Towners."" 

The Good Wife


Alicia struggles to make it on her own in bond court, and Peter makes a decision about Eli. 

Ghost Whisperer

Ball and Chain

Melinda struggles to help a spirit who can't remember.