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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye


The F.B.I team's favorite waitress, Kitty Chen, seems to be involved in software piracy and has been using Tara's business card in the process. After further investigation, the case appears to be connected to some drug dealers. In the meantime, Myles is being considered for the candidacy for the new face of the F.B.I.  

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

When Child Is Born: Part 1

Mike's mother and sisters arrive with a doctor to help with Mike's imminent delivery; Sergeant O'Connor gets orders to move the Indians to different reservations. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

When Child Is Born: Part 2

After finding an injured Sully deep in the woods, Mike goes into labor. 

Touched by an Angel

And a Nightingale Sang

On Valentine's Day, during a winter storm, the angels are tasked with helping a couple fall in love. 

Touched by an Angel

As It is in Heaven

Monica's assignment is sidelined when she's sent to traffic school. 

Any Day Now

No Comment

Present: When an old family friend who is now a city councilman asks Rene to defend him against corruption charges, Rene agrees after being convinced by some members of the black community that the charges are baseless and rooted in racism; M.E. is appalled that her friend would represent someone so lacking in ethics, and is further dismayed when Colliar excuses the man's dishonesty as "the way of the world""; after being lied to by her client and realizing that he is guilty of the charges 


Too Close to Call

Allison has disturbing visions of a young woman's rape and murder while she helps her D.A. boss run for reelection. 


Still Life

Allison investigates when a bloody murder scene is discovered in a park restroom, but no body is found. 

Crossing Jordan

Post Hoc...

Macy (Miguel Ferrer) and the rest of the coroners decide to take turns helping care for Jordan (Jill Hennessy) after her brain surgery. When Bug (Ravi Kapoor) does not show up at Jordan's to relieve Woody, (Jerry O'Connell) Nigel (Steve Valentine) gets angry and then realizes something is wrong. Woody and Nigel begin to investigate and find out that Homeland Security has taken him into custody and are accusing him of being a terrorist. 

Crossing Jordan

In Sickness and in Health

Jordan (Jill Hennessy) decides that she is ready to get back to work, but Macy (Miguel Ferrer) is reluctant because he feels it is too soon. After agreeing to take it easy Jordan finds herself thrust into a murder case and find herself back to her old ways. Everyone is concerned about Bug's (Ravi Kapoor) demeanor since his encounter with Homeland Security and wants him to open up about his experience. 

Cold Case

The Promise

After viewing a picture of an overweight college freshman being held down and forced to drink alcohol, Rush reopens the case, which was originally ruled an accidental death. 

Cold Case


Rush and Jeffries investigate a 1945 case involving a baseball great who was beaten to death with his own bat after a game. The only evidence is the victim's bloodstained jersey. 

Cagney and Lacey


With the 14th Precinct's detectives driving taxi cabs to solve a rash of hack murders, Mary Beth's son becomes frightened the ruse will cost his mother her life. 

The Closer

Out of Focus

When a photographer is murdered, Brenda tries to find his missing camera which holds the key to the whole case. 

The Closer

Head Over Heels

Body parts in a dumpster lead to a disturbing murder with a connection to a pornographic distributor. 

Major Crimes

Risk Assessment

Revelations about the Major Crimes team. Jon Tenney guest stars. 

Major Crimes

Year-End Blowout

A bomb explodes. Malcolm-Jamal Warner guest stars. 

Ghost Whisperer

Holiday Spirit (Santa Ghost)

Melinda deals with a ghost who thinks he's Santa Clause. 

The Good Wife

Get a Room

Alicia and Will tackle a messy settlement involving malpractice opposite Will's ex, and Eli signs a cheese company with a PR nightmare. 

In Plain Sight

The Art Of The Steal

Mary uses a thief to catch a thief when she asks a witness to consult on a crime in order to exonerate Brandi of grand theft auto. 


Dollars and Scents

Carrie links the murders of a deli employee and a computer hacker to a dealer. 


Three Carat Crisis

Sam and Bailey are held hostage in a jewelry store after a botched holdup. 

The Division

Extreme Action Figures

A football star's death is linked to drugs, Jinny tries to overcome her addiction, and Nate does relationship work. 

Family Law

The List

Lynn helps her friend's daughter in a mental hospital, and Dannie ends an affair.