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Early Edition

Fatal Edition: Part 2

Now a fugitive from justice, Gary appeals to Detective Brigatti to help get him off the hook for murder and find the real killer. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Halloween II

Mike offers her surgical expertise to help a disfigured man, despite the town's view of him as a "monster." 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

A Washington Affair: Part 1

Mike leads Sully, Cloud Dancing and the family on a mission to Washington to lobby on behalf of the Cheyenne. 

Touched by an Angel

The Last Day of the Rest Of Your Life

"Monica tries to help divergent members of a group of terminally ill people who know they are going to die fulfill their final wishes" 

Touched by an Angel

Letter, The

Tess must convince a man of his son’s musical talent. 



A second murder occurs at an active crime scene, and Al and Carrie must find the killer among the bystanders. 


You Give Me Fever

Samples of a lethal viral disease vanish, and Allison has to tap into her extrasensory ability to foil a possible large-scale bioterrorism attack. 


An Everlasting Love

An investigation into serial killings takes an unforeseen turn when the prime suspect ends up dead. 

Crossing Jordan

Devil May Care

When Oliver Titleman (guest star Brian Kimmet), a high school student obsessed with forensic science, is suspected in what appears to be the satanic murder of the ex-husband of the object of his affection (guest star Holly Gagnier-Guillod), Macy (Miguel Ferrer) tries to win the bright young man’s confidence to lure him into revealing his involvement in the crime. 

Crossing Jordan

Slam Dunk

While serving as a juror, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) discovers that the medical evidence used against the defendant is questionable, bringing to a halt D.A. Walcott's (guest star Susan Gibney) pursuit of quick justice for an alleged cop killer. 

Cold Case

Frank's Best

Rush reopens the case of a well-liked local deli owner who was beaten to death. All of the evidence points to his top employee — until someone finally tells the true story. 

Cold Case

8 Years

In 1980, four high school friends went off to pursue their futures, but nothing ended up as planned, and one was murdered in 1988. Bruce Springsteen songs are featured throughout. 


Venom: Part 1

A poisoner using toxins catches Jack's notice. 

The Closer

Unknown Trouble

When a rising hip-hop star is killed, the investigation points to the record label. Meanwhile, the new Chief of Police begins his restructure of the force with direct implications on Pope and Brenda. 

The Closer

Repeat Offender

Major Crimes investigates when a woman house-sitting is killed, and Brenda resents Captain Raydor's audit following a civil lawsuit. 

The Division

Wish You Were Here

Jinny turns to drugs when face with tragedy, and Magda finds herself torn between two men. 

Strong Medicine

Touched By An Idol

A pop star's effort to help a critically ill fan spawns accusations of sexual abuse; a widow demands that her late husband's sperm be frozen in exchange for allowing his organs to be harvested for transplants. 

Family Law


Rex helps a friend fight a rape accusation, and an college student sues for discrimination. 

The Good Wife


Alicia faces added pressure in a slip-and-fall case when the defendant is the child of Stern, the third firm partner. Will and Diane deal with the firm's financial troubles. 

The Good Wife


Facing arson accusations, the firm searches for evidence to prove a fringe group was responsible, not their client. Zach discovers who's leaving the mysterious packages, and Peter's bail hearing takes a turn. 


Train Man

Rachel and the team investigate a killer who travels in boxcars 

Joan of Arcadia

The Gift

God tells Joan to give Adam a gift, and Kevin begins covering court proceedings for the paper. 

Promised Land

Cowboy Blues

A widower rancher will continue to drive his son away if the Greenes don't help. 

Early Edition


A pretty television weather girl seems to always forecast wrong, so Gary steps in to help.