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Beauty and the Beast

Children's Story

"Catherine learns that the city's model foster home for children is hiding a dark secret." 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman


A baby dies while under Mike's care, and the parents sue her for malpractice. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

All That Glitters

Colleen returns from Denver in the company of a dazzling singing star who wows the town. 

Touched by an Angel

Perfect Little Angel

A young beauty pageant contestant is hiding a son with a serious medical condition. 

Touched by an Angel


A bitter slum lord is sentenced to spend two weeks in one of his own tenements, and the angels arrive to help him understand the error of his ways.  

Any Day Now

Lighten Up Rene

Present: Nick hires an election strategist who rubs Rene the wrong way when she attempts to "lighten up"" Rene's image by setting her up for an endorsement by a politically influential group whose color-struck policies and members she abhors; although the Sims and Williams families agree to support Kelly and Ajoni in keeping their baby 

Ghost Whisperer


Melinda finds a mother's lost spirit through electronic voice phenomenon, and then works with the woman to reconcile with her son. 


Dead Aim

Allison has a recurring dream about a shooting in the DA's office and, in court, realizes that the defense team is using a psychic. 

Crossing Jordan

Pandora's Trunk: Part 1

Pushing for a promotion, Detective Woody Hoyt (guest star Jerry O'Connell) is helped by Garret (Miguel Ferrer), Peter (Ivan Sergei), Nigel (Steve Valentine) and Bug (Ravi Kapoor) in his attempt to solve a triple homicide involving three victims with seemingly no connections to each other. However, when this crack investigative team learn that the victims shared an elegant meal along with a fourth mysterious friend shortly before their final hour, they set out to locate the missing diner. 

Covert Affairs

A Girl Like You

Annie is assigned to find out why Mossad agent Eyal Lavine is in Washington, but both get in big trouble when his mission gets a CIA asset killed.  

Cold Case


The detectives investigate the cold case of a murdered pedophile whose corpse was discovered a few months after the body of a kidnapped boy was found. The young boy was taken from a department store and found dead a month later. 


Game On

The murder of a talented computer programmer exposes a businessman's secret. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Family Matters

A murder victim may have been living a double life. 

The Closer

War Zone

A military liaison officer makes it difficult for Major Crimes as they look into the murder of three soldiers returned from Afghanistan. 

The Closer

Last Woman Standing

Major Crimes tracks a serial dater when an aspiring actress is murder, and Brenda contemplates withdrawing her application for Chief of Police. 

Major Crimes

Frozen Assets

The team is helped by a wannabe detective (Andrew Daly). 

Major Crimes

Letting It Go

An alleged rapist is violently murdered. 

Rizzoli & Isles

The Beast In Me

A startling discovery sends Maura on a personal quest. 

In Plain Sight

No Clemency For Old Men

When a hardened bank robber who's been in prison for decades is finally paroled, it falls to Mary to help him acclimate to life on the outside and keep him from falling back into a life of crime. Meanwhile, when one of Mary's other witnesses becomes the victim of a revenge plot, Marshall steps in to help out -- only to find himself in a predicament when the witness prefers him to Mary. 

Saving Grace

It's Better When I Can See You

"After a deadly school bus accident in which several children are killed, the team’s investigation turns up information about a recall on the bus’ rear axle. Just as Grace goes to the bus barn to question the owners, tornadoes rip through Oklahoma City, trapping both Grace and her prime suspect together in a collapsed building. Meanwhile, death row inmate Leon Cooley decides to convert to Islam, hoping that doing so will finally rid him of the angelic visits from Earl." 

Cold Case

Family 8108

The team, attempting to solve the 1945 murder of a man, investigates whether the man's release from a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II—and moving his family from California to Philadelphia shortly afterward—had anything to do with it. 


Father Figure

"Brooke and Jess investigate the abduction of a research scientist who holds the key to a potentially highly profitable drug, focusing their inquiries on his wife and co-workers." 

The Good Wife


Alicia and Will try to free a wrongfully convicted man, and Peter has the key to the case. Meanwhile, Diane gives Kalinda a secret project. 

Ghost Whisperer

Horror Show

Melinda is caught up in an investigation that turn to horror.