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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Rocket Man

Sue and Dimitrius put an operative in the field to take down an illegal arms sale - but when the encounter gives them a chance to land an even bigger fish, Dimitrius goes undercover as the bait. Meanwhile, Dimitrius wife Donna has some unexpected news of her own.  

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Sully's Choice

Sully ends up wounded and wanted after trying to quell violence between renegade Indians and the Cavalry. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Dr. Mike's Dream: A Christmas Tale

Dr. Mike has an "A Christmas Carol" style dream, where she wonders what her life would have been like if she had not become a doctor. 

Touched by an Angel

Stealing Hope

"The angels help a college aged young man find hope and realize his own particular gift for words after he has a poem plagiarized by one of the local college's top students." 

Touched by an Angel

Monica's Bad Day

Monica is in a pickle when she's pressed to save someone's life but is hounded by a bar owner. 

Any Day Now

It's a Mother Daughter Thing

Present: When Kelly follows in her mother's footsteps, M.E. and Colliar are thrilled by her being elected to the homecoming court and have a complete meltdown after she reveals that she's pregnant; Rene is appalled when she discovers that rapes are being deliberately underreported by the police and underprosecuted by her opponent. Past: M.E. and Colliar go through a difficult patch; Rene gets a new boyfriend named Henry. 


A Person of Interest

A visit to a crime scene has a strange impact on Allison, whose bizarre behavior may be an essential component to unlocking a 17-year-old crime. 


About Last Night

Allison mysteriously awakens under a freeway underpass to discover she has no recollection of the previous six hours of her life. 

Crossing Jordan


Drawn in by a mysterious death, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) zealously investigates the alleged murder of a local chemist, who -- according to his paranoid friend (guest star Clayton Rohner) -- was the victim of a government conspiracy. 

Crossing Jordan

Cruel and Unusual

Investigating the alleged suicide of a local wife, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) reunites with a love from her past - the victim's husband. Confused over the turmoil caused by the chance meeting, the ME turns to Dr. Howard Stiles (guest star Wallace Shawn, "Toy Story") to sort out her past romance. 

Cold Case

Stealing Home

The team investigates the 1999 murder case of a Cuban refugee who was on his way to being a major league baseball player. 

Cold Case

November 22nd

The team reopens the 1963 case of a pool hustler who was fatally shot the same day as President John F. Kennedy. 

Cagney and Lacey


Cagney and Lacey work the murder of a Hispanic gang member. Harvey performs a brave, yet dangerous, act to recover a child's pet. 

The Closer

Good Faith

Brenda's parent visit just complicating Brenda's case of a reformed man murdered and made to look like suicide. 

The Closer

Junk in the Trunk

A body is discovered in the trunk of a car leading an odd mystery for the squad. 

Ghost Whisperer


A ghost who knows of a hidden munitions dump with unexploded bombs confides in Melinda. 

Ghost Whisperer

Old Sins Cast Long Shadows

A routine estate sale lands Melinda in the center of dark forces battling for the soul of a little girl. 

Ghost Whisperer

On Thin Ice

Professor Grant joins Eli and Melinda in identifying a young, angry ghost tormenting a graphic novelist. 

The Good Wife


Alicia's conflicted defending a crude man accused of murdering his wife, and tension rises with Peter's appeal. 

In Plain Sight

Trojan Horst

Mary and Marshall are caught in the cross-fire of a contract killer while transporting a witness. 


Carrie's Caller

A serial killer with knowledge of Carrieā€™s memory abilities taunts her. 


Venom: Part 1

A poisoner using toxins catches Jack's notice. 

The Division

Spin Dry

Jinny returns from rehab with demands, and CD gets a new partner. 

Family Law

The Quality of Mercy

Lynn defends a man against manslaughter charges when he helps his terminally ill wife commit suicide.