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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Actor, The

A famous actor visits the F.B.I to observe as the team tracks down a gang involved in selling fire arms. Later when the team gets word of a possible terrorist threat, the movie star begins to show interest in Tara.  

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Baby Outlaws

Mike takes in a young Belle Starr after she's wounded trying to rob the saloon. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Bone of Contention

A paleontologist wants to dig for dinosaur fossils on a Cheyenne burial ground. 

Touched by an Angel

An Angel on My Tree

Monica and Tess assist an inmate's family, including a young boy with Tourette Syndrome. 

Touched by an Angel

Mi Familia

Two teenagers want to marry since they've had a child, but the girl's father forbids it because the boy is a gang member. 

Any Day Now

That's Our Son, Bobby

Present: M.E. realizes that she forgot Bobby's birthday for the first time in the 22 years since his death. When she goes to the cemetery to visit his grave, she is horrified to discover that the cemetery has made an error and dug up his grave. In her grief and anger, she seeks Rene's legal assistance and ends up confronting her about not attending Bobby's funeral. These painful memories also put a strain on M.E. and Colliar's relationship because of the difference in how they each express grief and guilt over Bobby's death. Rene, frustrated by her relationship with Bill, begins a quest to figure out what men want and Joe tries to convince her to pick his brain as a part of her research. Past: Teresa loses her virginity and tells Rene and M.E. that they should never trust boys. Colliar manages to convince M.E. that he'll never hurt her, and they share their first real kiss. 

Ghost Whisperer

The Gathering

Ethan Clark puts Melinda in touch with some children who may hold the answer, but Gabriel continues to threaten her and those she loves. 



Allison goes to Texas, where she locates the body of a murdered boy. 

Crossing Jordan

Pandora's Trunk: Part 2

In the conclusion of the season-ending two-parter, Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) quest for her mother's killer leads her to the trunk of an abandoned Ford and the 23-year-old skeleton of a murdered Boston detective. When the firestorm created by this discovery prompts Garret (Miguel Ferrer) to remove the vigilant M.E. from the case, she pushes forward on her own in the search for answers - and discovers more of her father's (Ken Howard) demons in the process. 

Crossing Jordan

Devil May Care

When Oliver Titleman (guest star Brian Kimmet), a high school student obsessed with forensic science, is suspected in what appears to be the satanic murder of the ex-husband of the object of his affection (guest star Holly Gagnier-Guillod), Macy (Miguel Ferrer) tries to win the bright young man’s confidence to lure him into revealing his involvement in the crime. 

Cold Case


The team reopens the 1958 murder case of a suave, successful real estate developer when new evidence he may not have been killed where his body was found. 


Lost Things

Carrie and Al murder investigation hints at a second victim and a larger plan. 

Rizzoli & Isles

The Best Laid Plans

"The murder of a wealthy woman with terminal cancer." 

The Closer

Under Control

A young boy goes missing from a summer camp where Lieutenant Tao's son works. Meanwhile, Captain Raydor confronts Brenda about blocking her audit. 

The Closer

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Major Crimes looks into the supposed suicide of a pastor with hidden secrets. The civil suit heats up when everyone is served a subpoena -- except for Gabriel. 

Major Crimes

By Any Means (Part 3)

Phillip Stroh and his accomplice approach their end game. 

Major Crimes

By Any Means (Part 4)

Tao is stuck in a room with a potential bomb. 

Rizzoli & Isles

65 Hours

"Jane discovers evidence in a murder trial has been stolen." 


I Feel Sorry For Me

"Rayna goes after Sadie Stone as a new artist to sign to her record label Highway 65. In order to woo her, Rayna invites Sadie out for a girl’s day on the town, which she thinks may help to seal the deal. Juliette continues to try her best at hiding her pregnancy but when she starts to have stomach pains and mood swings, she has to let down her wall. Later, an assertive and sultry backup singer takes a liking to Deacon but his down in the dumps attitude does nothing but shut her out. Then, Zoey witnesses odd behavior between Scarlett and Gunnar and lets her inner jealousy get the best of her. She tries to mend things at the Bluebird but they end up backfiring terribly. Meanwhile, Avery continues to use alcohol to drown his sorrows, which only takes him to new lows, and Jeff has ulterior motives as he pursues Teddy and the girls." 

The Good Wife

Outside the Bubble

A paralegal sues the firm with outrageous claims, and Eli faces off with Jackie over Peter. 

In Plain Sight

Four Marshals and a Baby

Mary must juggle WITSEC with her new childcare duties after a hoarder witnesses a violent murder. 

Cagney and Lacey


When hazing is suspected to have caused a girl to fall off a roof while rushing a sorority, the sisters close ranks, impeding the investigation. 

Cagney and Lacey


Petrie falls under suspicion when someone he was squabbling with is murdered. Chris finds out a reporter she's dating isn't just interested in her romantically. 

Family Law


Lynn Holt hires new attorneys to save her firm after her husband and partner leaves.