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Joan of Arcadia

Common Thread

Adam needs Joan to be there for him as a friend, but she finds it difficult to forgive and forget the hurt he has caused her. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Wave Goodbye

The apparent mystical powers of a Russian princess electrify the townsfolk and even spark curiosity in a skeptical Mike. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

A Place Called Home

Anthony's condition takes a turn for the worse, but Grace won't accept that he's going to die; Mike can't find the words to tell Sully about the miscarriage. 

Touched by an Angel

On Edge

The angels step in when a skater wants to be just like her con artist father. 

Touched by an Angel

The Man Upstairs

Monica's identical twin Monique gets a gambler in trouble when he wages his soul. 


The Following Sea

Al desperately searches for a missing trial witness before the suspect goes free. 


Dear Dad...

Devalos revisits a past horror when he observes the anniversary of the death of his daughter. 



A schizophrenic girl from Allison's dreams emerges in real life, appearing as the well-balanced roommate of a vanished psychiatric patient. 

Crossing Jordan

The Gift of Life

When one of the nation's leading cardiologists dies performing surgery, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) recalls how the arrogant surgeon's malpractice practically mauled her career, and even found her fighting for life after a drug overdose. The death of this former mentor, Dr. Elliot McCafferty (Zeljko Ivanek), forces Jordan to reexamine her road to the M.E.'s office when she met the young coroner, Garret (Miguel Ferrer), who made her reevaluate her life. 

Crossing Jordan

Someone to Count On

Three-time Emmy winner Jack Klugman ("The Odd Couple," "Quincy") dons coroner's garb again when he guest-stars as Dr. Gelber, a respected senior medical examiner and mentor to Macy (Miguel Ferrer), but while Macy must evaluate Gelber's work for possible errors, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) seeks his assistance with one of her more puzzling cases. Earlier, Jordan and Detective Woodrow Hoyt (guest star Jerry O'Connell, "Jerry Maguire") had been called to the scene of a homicide, only to find the prime suspect -- the victim's 14-year-old daughter (guest star Indigo) -- on a ledge threatening to jump. 

Cold Case

Andy In C Minor

After new evidence — a substantial splatter of the blood of a popular deaf boy who went missing in 2006 — is discovered in a storage room at the high school for the deaf the teen attended, the team attempts to find the boy's body and killer. 

Cold Case

The Road

Lilly and Valens head to West Virginia to retrieve a primary suspect for the 2007 presumed homicide of a young woman abducted from the parking lot outside her engagement party. 

Cagney and Lacey


Cagney and Lacey lead an investigation into a series of robberies at exclusive beauty salons committed by assailants posing as the police. 

The Closer

Show Yourself

Brenda makes an alliance with the only man who may know a sniper's motive -- the sniper's father. 

The Closer


The murder of a psychiatrist leads Brenda to a controversial drug trial and a company desperate to keep secrets. 

Ghost Whisperer

Imaginary Friends and Enemies

Jim and Melinda's participation in a friend's wedding brings a change to their own relationship. 

Ghost Whisperer


Melinda tries to help a teenage ghost while dealing with her grief. 

In Plain Sight

Good Cop, Dead Cop

Mary has a one-night stand with a hunky witness, but she suffers the consequences when he is accused of murder. 

The Good Wife

Red Team, Blue Team

The firm is paid to put on a mock-trial an energy drink incident, and Alicia and Cary team to fight for their partnership option. 

Strong Medicine

Adverse Reactions

Robert refuses to hire an obese woman as his assistant; a female Army officer refuses to seek treatment for Gulf War Syndrome in order to salvage a promotion. 


Quid Pro Quo

Rachel forms a bond with a mob boss, whose only daughter has become the latest victim of a serial killer. 

The Division

Til Death Do Us Part

CD and Nate search for a missing girl, and Jinny finds a new love interest. 

Family Law


Rex helps a friend fight a rape accusation, and an college student sues for discrimination. 

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Girl Who Signed Wolf, The

Disbelief runs through the F.B.I office when a young deaf girl claims to have witnessed a kidnapping and an author comes to interview Myles.