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Beauty and the Beast

A Kingdom by the Sea

"Catherine is blocked out of an investigation involving a murder attempt by the C.I.A., and an old face returns that endangers her life." 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Happy Birthday

Dr. Mike celebrates her 35th birthday and feels that the entire town considers her to be an old maid. Her children begin looking around town for someone to court her. Jake struggles with alcoholism after Dr. Mike accuses him of killing a man who dies Jake cut him with a dirty razor while shaving him. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Rite of Passage

Matthew clashes with Dr. Mike after declaring his intent to marry Ingrid. To prove his manhood, he sets off on a vision quest with the help of Sully and Cloud Dancing. 

Touched by an Angel

An Angel on My Tree

Monica and Tess assist an inmate's family, including a young boy with Tourette Syndrome. 

Touched by an Angel

Mi Familia

Two teenagers want to marry since they've had a child, but the girl's father forbids it because the boy is a gang member. 

Any Day Now

That's Our Son, Bobby

Present: M.E. realizes that she forgot Bobby's birthday for the first time in the 22 years since his death. When she goes to the cemetery to visit his grave, she is horrified to discover that the cemetery has made an error and dug up his grave. In her grief and anger, she seeks Rene's legal assistance and ends up confronting her about not attending Bobby's funeral. These painful memories also put a strain on M.E. and Colliar's relationship because of the difference in how they each express grief and guilt over Bobby's death. Rene, frustrated by her relationship with Bill, begins a quest to figure out what men want and Joe tries to convince her to pick his brain as a part of her research. Past: Teresa loses her virginity and tells Rene and M.E. that they should never trust boys. Colliar manages to convince M.E. that he'll never hurt her, and they share their first real kiss. 

Ghost Whisperer

A Vicious Cycle

When Jim unknowingly tricks Melinda into her first camping trip, she's distracted by a ghost looking for her daughter. 


Then and Again

When a shooter guns down Allison and Devalos, Allison awakens five years earlier in her own past. 

Crossing Jordan

Don't Look Back

The discovery of a Hollywood starlet's body in the back of a smashed semi-truck on a country road, leads Jordan (Jill Hennessy) and her unwitting accomplice Det. Woody Hoyt (guest star Jerry O'Connell) back to the sunny streets of Southern California and some steamy moments in the Mojave Desert as they search for a suspect. 

Crossing Jordan

Prisoner Exchange

Lily's (Kathryn Hahn) principles are put to the test after the wife of a murder victim (guest star Lily Knight) makes a late night confession putting the grief counselor in a tight spot as she attempts to uphold confidentiality despite a court subpoena and Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) demands for the truth. 

Cold Case

Our Boy is Back

Rush confronts an old case involving a serial rapist who preys on single women. When the rapist announces he's returned to Philadelphia after a five-year absence and plans to strike again, Rush and Vera attempt to catch the criminal before he acts. 


Moving On

Carrie investigates the murder of a popular actor trying to expose a secret ring. 

Rizzoli & Isles

East Meets West

Jane and Maura enter the world of an Eastern European gang. 

The Closer

Head Over Heels

Body parts in a dumpster lead to a disturbing murder with a connection to a pornographic distributor. 

The Closer

Critical Missing

The bodies of an unidentified mother and daughter hint at ritualistic suicide, but Brenda suspects foul play. 

CSI: Cyber

Family Secrets

"Avery confronts the hacker who released her patients' information when she was a psychologist, and Krumitz confronts the man who murdered his parents." 

CSI: Cyber


"D.B. Russell joins the team as they investigate a case of burglary committed by a hacker." 

Rizzoli & Isles

Burning Down the House

Season finale: Arson or accident? BILLY BURKE guest stars. 

In Plain Sight

Once A Ponzi Time

When a Wall Street blue-blood rats on his boss' investment fraud and hides out in WITSEC, he volunteers to give up his great fortune, that is until a ransom from his past life comes calling. 


And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

"A disturbing vision leads Jess to a 10-year-old skeleton, but she and Nicole are ordered off the case when the remains are identified." 


It Cuts Both Ways

Jack re-emerges with a new MO, and George receives an offer. 


Second Best

Coop reenters Sam's life when the VCTF requests his services in tracking a bomber. 

The Good Wife

Dark Money

A distasteful client asks for Alicia's help, and Lemond Bishop pressure Kalinda into fulfilling a favor. 

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Skin Deep

When a radical environmentalist group blows up an SUV, the F.B.I looks into the case with the help of a victim from one of the environmentalist group's earlier fires. Meanwhile, with his cholesterol off the charts, Myles decides to make some changes to his dietary lifestyle.