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Early Edition

Phantom of the Opera

Gary becomes romantically attached to a woman he saved. However, Gary faces a tough decision when he learns that she will reunite with an old flame. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Indian Agent

Sully is sworn in as an Indian Agent, but bureaucratic corruption undercuts his efforts on behalf of the Cheyenne. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The End of the World

A newspaper report of a comet's imminent collision with Earth causes hysteria in the town over the end of the world. 

Touched by an Angel

A Rock and A Hard Place

The angels face their busiest time when they deal with a broken father-son relationship, an elderly woman wanting to die, and a meteor headed straight for Earth. 

Touched by an Angel

The Sixteenth Minute

An unappreciated business man finds instant fame when he helps a woman trapped. 


The Comeback

Carrie searches for the identity of the mysterious caller who orchestrated a series of sniper attacks. 


Labor Pains

A despairing man turns to Allison to help him find his vanished wife. 


Me Without You

Allison and Joe's new jobs pull them in different directions. 

Crossing Jordan


When an odd man wanders into Woody's (Jerry O'Connell) office and claims there has been a murder, Woody and Jordan (Jill Hennessy) learn that the man is the one that was murdered. The man reveals that he was given a slow acting poison that will inevitably kill him. His only request is to find his missing daughter before he dies and Jordan and Woody agree to help. 

Crossing Jordan


Kate Switzer (guest star Brooke Smith) is put in charge of forming a team to investigate what killed a ship full of people on the Norwegian Sea and enlists the help of the entire group of coroners. On their way back to Boston, the plane suddenly flies into an unexpected storm causing the plane to crash in the mountains. Woody (Jerry O'Connell) and Bug (Ravi Kapoor) set out on foot to try to get to the highest point and get a radio reception to signal for help, but hit a roadblock when they reach an impassable mountain. 

Cold Case

The Promise

After viewing a picture of an overweight college freshman being held down and forced to drink alcohol, Rush reopens the case, which was originally ruled an accidental death. 

Cold Case

Bad Night

Rush reopens the murder of a man after his mother finds a letter suggesting he was killed by someone he knew and was not a random victim of copycat killings inspired by a movie. 


Unsoiled Sovereignty

An ec-terrorist begins planting bombs around Pittsburgh, and Sam is drawn to an ATF bomb expert. 

The Closer

Elysian Fields

When a suspected murderer is killed, Brenda must close two cases -- the cold case and the potential revenge case. 

The Closer

Identity Theft

Brenda reopens a case after she believes the accused father is actually protecting his son, the real murderer. 

Ghost Whisperer

Demon Child

While shopping for antiques at a local home, Melinda encounters the spirit of a malicious young boy who is terrorizing his family. 

Ghost Whisperer

Miss Fortune

The circus arrives in town and brings with it the spirit of a man who thinks his brother murdered him. 


Otis, California

The VCTF worries Lucas has a new disciple. 

The Good Wife


As Peter's trial begins, Alicia fights to save his reputation with the help of the firm. 

The Good Wife


Alicia rushes to find a way to save Peter's trial before the jury comes to a decision. 

The Division


Kate's old friend becomes a political foe, and Jinny and Magda investigate a botched murder plot involving identical twins. 

Joan of Arcadia

Independence Day

Joan feels that she's old enough to make her own decisions when she prepares to defy Helen's authority and go on an overnight trip with Adam. 

Promised Land

A Hand Up Is Never a Hand: Part 1

Claire is expecting while Joe's release from prison causes problems. 

Early Edition


Gary has to decide whether to help a young girl who needs a heart transplant or a troubled teen-aged boy who is due to be killed in a botched robbery.