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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Snitch in Time, A

After Jack and Bobby catch a steroid drug dealer they, along with Sue, interrogate him in order to catch other dealers in the trade. Meanwhile, the rest of the team sets their eyes on the brand new offices on the fifth floor.  

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Farewell Appearance

Mike receives a surprise visit from her beloved uncle, a pianist who still quietly grieves for the son he lost at Gettysburg. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Most Fatal Disease

Kid Cole and Sister Ruth are escorting mail-order brides to California, where, Mike learns, the couple intend to divorce. 

Touched by an Angel

God and Country

The angels attempt to help a base commander who is feuding with his soldier son. 

Touched by an Angel

How Do You Spell Faith?

Andrew must help an introverted boy deal with the loss of his popular older brother, while Tess helps his mother reconcile with him. 

Any Day Now

Don't Say Anything

Present: Rene and Bill discover that they have very different points of view about parenting; Rene wonders if she's cut out to be a mother when she can't get Bill's daughter to warm up to her; Bill is unsettled when Rene decides to keep her birth name after they marry; M.E. tells a white lie for a colleague which results in a story they worked on about child safety seats being inadequately researched before it is printed, and Glenn's firing an innocent employee, and ultimately both of them, when he discovers the deception. Past: M.E. wears Rene's "Blue Belle"" uniform to help her sell candy in white neighborhoods; the girls can't understand why Colliar is acting so strangely until they see him being abused by his drunken father." 


Sweet Dreams

After Allison dreams of her friend who left town to seek Hollywood fame, she's asked to locate a councilman's missing daughter. 


Dead Aim

Allison has a recurring dream about a shooting in the DA's office and, in court, realizes that the defense team is using a psychic. 

Crossing Jordan

Mysterious Ways

Jordan (Jill Hennessy) investigates the mysterious murder of a woman believed to be a miracle worker and living saint. She also confronts Woody (Jerry O'Connell) and Lu (Leslie Bibb) about their concern for her feelings over their blossoming relationship. 

Crossing Jordan

Mace vs. Scalpel

When Macy (Miguel Ferrer) tries to deliver some personal effects of a deceased elderly man to his family, he finds a young boy being held captive. When the young boy’s deranged captor discovers that Macy knows his secret, he knocks him unconscious and takes him hostage. After Macy awakes, he finds that he has been chained in the basement. Determined to make it out alive and to rescue the boy, Macy tries to buy himself some time. 

Cold Case


Rush breaks procedural rules, putting herself and others in danger, while investigating a drug counselor who was killed two days before he would testify against a student. 

Cold Case


A 1995 case involving two teenage boys who committed suicide after going on a murderous rampage at a local mall is reopened when evidence shows there may have been a third shooter. 

Cagney and Lacey


The detectives question if a deaf girl could have committed the murder of which she's accused. David Keeler wants Christine to forgive him for representing Mansfield. 

The Closer

Fool's Gold

Flynn and Provenza stumble onto a crime scene when Provenza's wife needs help with her wheezing dog. 

The Closer

Drug Fiend

The death of a cancer doctor hits close to home as Brenda deals with her father's condition. Meanwhile, Gabriel introduces his girlfriend to the squad. 

Major Crimes

Zoo Story

Major Crimes and the Special Operations Bureau battle. 

Major Crimes

Down the Drain

A surrogate adoption gets complicated, leaving one dead. 

Ghost Whisperer


Melinda has to gain the trust of Ned's classmate to solve the mystery of her brother's death. 

The Good Wife


Eli plots against Peter, and Alicia turns to an old friend in a case against the NSA. 

In Plain Sight

Her Days Are Numbered

A witness with Aspergers who has no social filter and can't lie stymies Mary, particularly when the witness refuses to testify against her only friend -- the key conspirator in a numbers case. Marshall and Stan race to figure out why an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent is holding up the visa of a key witness before she is deported. Brandi reveals her plan for the money she made by investing with Scott. Guest starring Aaron Ashmore. 


True Identity

A high-end dating service employee’s murder exposes ha deadly drug cartel. 



While the team searches for a killer, Rachel is faced with a charge of moral turpitude for a past incident involving Grant. 

The Division

Baby, the Rain Must Fall

The detectives investigate the murder of a DA, which includes examining his cases and his personal life. 

Family Law


Lynn fights for an immigrant, and soccer parents argue for a game to be replayed.