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Early Edition

The Iceman Taketh

The paper states that a ship sailing on Lake Michigan is going to explode 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Halloween III

A classmate's Halloween tale spooks Brian; an arthritic man seeks relief in the hot springs. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Dorothy's Book

Dorothy gets her book about the town published, but the townsfolk read her depiction of them differently than she intended. 

Touched by an Angel


While Tess, Andrew and Rafael vacation at the beach, Rafael and Monica find a message in a bottle from a boy named Scooter Fisher. 

Touched by an Angel

My Dinner with Andrew

Andrew is auctioned off as a date for a charity event. Little does he or Tess and Monica know that she is due to be taken from Earth soon. 



As Carrie and Al investigate the murder of a businessman, they realize his death was collateral damage in an assassination plot. 



After Ariel dreams of a little girl being captured by an ogre, Allison tries to learn the truth behind her daughter's vision. 


The Other Side of the Tracks

Allison meets a professor who communicates with the dead. The DA enlists Allison's help with a teen who's confessed to a councilman's murder. 

Crossing Jordan

Mr. Little and Mr. Big

Special prosecutor Ivers (guest star Jeffery Donovan) continues his investigation into the practices of the morgue, and Macy (Miguel Ferrer) asks Jordan (Jill Hennessy) once again to behave herself. Jordan and Lily (Kathryn Hahn) go on a road trip to recover the body of a little person, but only to find it stolen from the back of the morgue's van. Woody (Jerry O'Connell) finds the body of a 16-year-old boy and encounters a rogue cop during the investigation. 

Crossing Jordan

Night of the Living Dead

A high profile defense attorney, Shelly Levine (guest star Ron Silver), who has a history with Macy (Miguel Ferrer), is found shot and presumed dead. The only problem is he is very much alive and can hear and feel everything. With his autopsy looming, will Jordan (Jill Hennessy) or the rest of the team of coroners notice before it's too late? 

Cold Case

The Key

A case that Jeffries worked on when he was a rookie in 1979 is reopened when evidence is found near the original location of the female victim's body. 

Cold Case


Rush reopens the 1975 case of a Caucasian girl who went missing and was presumed murdered after becoming best friends with an African-American girl, Cherise Tisdale, in a predominately white town. 


It Cuts Both Ways

Jack re-emerges with a new MO, and George receives an offer. 

The Closer

Live Wire

An undercover operation goes bad, and Brenda and Fritz vie for control of the case. 

The Closer

Dial M for Provenza

Provenza's investigation into attempted murder goes perfectly... until he loses the evidence. 

Ghost Whisperer

Dead Eye

When a confused ghost dressed as a clown begins haunting Melinda's house, it's up to her and Eli to look for answers. 

Ghost Whisperer

Lethal Combination

When Aiden is put in danger, Melinda won't accept anything but the truth. 



While speaking on a campus radio at her alma mater, Rachel receives a telephone call from a rapist. 

The Good Wife

Cleaning House

Alicia juggles a demeaning judge and a backstabbing co-counsel while defending a DJ, and Cary questions her behavior when a leaked deposition targets Child. 

The Good Wife

VIP Treatment

The firm has four hours to decide if they should take a rape against an esteemed democrat and thus jeopardize their client list. 

The Division

Wish You Were Here

Jinny turns to drugs when face with tragedy, and Magda finds herself torn between two men. 

Joan of Arcadia


Joan joins the yearbook staff, per God's request, and decides to use this assignment as a means of impressing Adam. 

Promised Land

A Hand Up Is Never a Hand: Part 1

Claire is expecting while Joe's release from prison causes problems. 

Early Edition

Camera Shy

Feeling bad that he helped get a photo journalism fired from two jobs, Gary tries to find him another job and prevent him from being murdered.