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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Lawyer, The

Jack finds himself face to face with a civil rights lawyer after being accused of denying a potential terrorist their rights.  

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Traveling All Stars

Colorado Springs fields a baseball team to play against a squad of touring professionals. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Mothers and Daughters

Mike is surprised by the depth of her passion for Sully; Colleen becomes rebellious. 

Touched by an Angel

Til We Meet Again

"Monica becomes a home care nurse to help a dying man let his youngest daughter know that he's not her real father" 

Touched by an Angel

Rock N’ Roll Dad

"Monica goes to work as a driver for Jon Mateos (guest star A Martinez), a successful rock 'n roll star, who loses control emotionally when his wife dies unexpectedly" 

Any Day Now


Present: M.E. decides to write a book about the unsung heroes of the civil rights movement after learning about Mrs. Samuels' experience as a cleaning lady for Dr. Martin Luther King. Rene is reunited with a friend who was once an active student leader at Morehouse but is now serving a life sentence. Past: M.E. and Rene learn how involved Sara is in the civil rights involvement after James is arrested during a protest and Sara steps in to take his place as a leader. Rene is surprised when she sees her mother step back into the background upon her father's return. 

Ghost Whisperer

The Collector

Melinda comes across another ghost whisperer, and he may have some answers for her about shifts in the spirit world. 


And Then

Allison has creepy visions of a boy being kidnapped from a toy store. 

Crossing Jordan

There's No Place Like Home

Three thousand miles from Boston, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) continues her search -- with her unwilling companion, Det. Woody Hoyt (guest star Jerry O'Connell) -- for the man (guest star Jack Laufer) who might know the truth about her mother's murder and put the young medical examiner's childhood demons to rest. In the wake of his notorious coroner's disappearance, Garret (Miguel Ferrer) must stop a brutal serial killer preying on the streetwalkers of Boston, while sizing the auspicious new addition to his department, Dr. Elaine Duchamps (Lorraine Toussaint, "Any Day Now"), and avoiding the political fury surrounding the case while protecting his friend, District Attorney Jack Olson (guest star William Russ). 

Crossing Jordan

Bombs Away

Jordan (Jill Hennessy) teams up with the new M.E., Elaine (Lorraine Toussaint), and finds herself in the middle of an ATF power struggle, when she investigates the death of Wendy Marsh, wife of alleged Unabomber-style terrorist and former ATF agent Lester Marsh (Shashawnee Hall) - whose grief and rage over the personal vendetta held against him by a former partner (James Pickens, Jr.), pushes him to strap on some homemade explosives and hold the morgue hostage. 

Cold Case


When a drug case is reopened, Valens reveals he had worked undercover on the high-profile case, and now he must face the demons that have been haunting him for eight years. 

Cagney and Lacey


When a series of arsons all seem to benefit the same company, Cagney and Lacey uncover an extortion operation. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Shadow of Doubt

"A clever killer tries to get away with the perfect crime." 

The Closer

Half Load

The squad comes up against Father Jack again when a reformed gang member is killed in what may be a gang-hit. 

The Closer

Tapped Out

The murder of a "hook-up" expert is complicated by a man posing as a police officer. 

Ghost Whisperer

The Prophet

Melinda begins having visions that seem to predict the death of a loved one. 

Ghost Whisperer

The Gathering

Ethan Clark puts Melinda in touch with some children who may hold the answer, but Gabriel continues to threaten her and those she loves. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Crazy For You

"A husband-and-wife team of psychiatrists is murdered." 

The Good Wife

Double Jeopardy

Cary's vendetta causes Alicia's client to face military court, and Peter's campaign gets hit. 

In Plain Sight

Kumar Vs. Kumar

Mary plays marriage counselor in order to mediate a WITSEC divorce. Not only must she reconcile a stubborn witness, but also thousands of years of Hindu tradition, in order to save the case and keep a family out of danger. 


Paranoid Android

A shooter on the loose triggers a flashback that doesn't add up with Carrie's perfect memory. 

Strong Medicine

Feeling No Pain

As Dylan struggles to keep a heroin-addicted patient from using a contaminated drug supply, Lu diagnoses a young patient with a rare genetic disorder that keeps her from feeling any pain. 

Cagney and Lacey


Cagney and Lacey try to bring down a scam artist who promises to get messages to the departed by giving them to the terminally ill, but face difficulty in that nobody seems to feel victimized. 

Family Law


After being abandoned by her husband and law partner, attorney Lynn Holt sets out to rebuild her shattered practice and family.