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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Bad Hair Day

When Tara shoots a robber in a hair salon, her security is tested by family of the deceased. Sue and Lucy take care of an owner-less dog they found at the park.  

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Tempest

Mike learns that Andrew is opening his own practice; and Preston's father arrives for the hotel's Thanksgiving opening. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Separate But Equal

Grace and Robert E's efforts to enroll Anthony in school run into racial obstacles. 

Touched by an Angel

Letter, The

Tess must convince a man of his son’s musical talent. 

Touched by an Angel

Til Death Do Us Part

Andrew believes his assignment is a woman diagnosed with cancer, but Tess suspects it may be something else. 

Any Day Now


Present: Rene takes the case of a 14-year-old boy who is on trial for murder. The prosecutor wants to try him as an adult. M.E. is frustrated with her lack of control when Colliar quits her job for her and gives her an allowance. Past: M.E. and Rene experiment with alcohol; disaster ensues. 

Ghost Whisperer

Cause For Alarm

Eli's new client is very rich and very paranoid because of a ghost. 


Pain Killer

Allison's cancer-afflicted friend dies, but a suspicious Allison surmises that a hospital employee is behind the sudden death. 

Crossing Jordan

You Can't Go Home Again

Loyalty stokes Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) desire to figure out how a hero firefighter, Jimmy Donnelly (guest star Tom Bresnahan) -- who was also her childhood best friend, died battling a suspicious blaze. Despite warnings from both her disapproving superior, Dr. Grace Yakura (guest star Tamlyn Tomita) and Det. Eddy Winslow (guest star D.W. Moffett, "Traffic"), Jordan asks Max (Ken Howard) to help her investigate, but they are disappointed by what the evidence points to. 

Crossing Jordan


Jordan (Jill Hennessy) investigates the death of a Massachusetts Senator's daughter found stabbed in a park, apparently murdered by her boyfriend. Believing there is more to this case than the police's theory of love gone bad, Jordan reluctantly pairs up with an ethically challenged newspaper reporter, Adam Flynn (guest star Shawn Christian "As the World Turns"), to further investigate the girl's death. 

Cold Case


When the skeletal remains of a man found in a subway tunnel are identified as a miner who disappeared in 1947, Rush and Valens believe that he may have been murdered. 



A murder connects to underground gambling, and Carrie risks her job to solve it. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Tears of a Clown

A kidnapper who dresses as a clown reemerges after years. 

The Closer

Smells Like Murder

A cooler with duct tape leads to a strange investigation. Meanwhile, Brenda's niece causes trouble at home. 

The Closer

Maternal Instincts

A critically injured teenager is the squad's only clue into a shooting in a school parking lot. 

Major Crimes

Frozen Assets

The team is helped by a wannabe detective (Andrew Daly). 

Major Crimes

Letting It Go

An alleged rapist is violently murdered. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Two Shots: Move Forward

The season opens in the aftermath of last season's shooting. 

In Plain Sight

Don't Cry For Me, Albuquerque

The U.S. Government enlists WITSEC to hide one of Latin America's feistiest political activists and everything goes South when the budding Evita moves to the bad part of town. 

The Good Wife

Silly Season

Alicia and Cary battle when her client is tied to a drug kingpin, and Wendy Scott-Carr threatens the Florrik family. 


A Picture from Lifes Other Side

Dante sends Juliette a blackmail demand. Juliette asks Avery to help with her new song. Gunnar goes on a radio show; Scarlett doesn't like what he says and gives him a piece of her mind. Will uses information from Scarlett to crash Rayna's auditions. Will and Gunnar get in a bar fight and Gunnar misses Scarlett's debut at the Grand Ol' Opry, but Avery makes it. Scarlett tells Gunnar she can't be with him the way he is now. Rayna has Deacon over for dinner with the girls and Teddy objects. He serves Rayna a restraining order and Rayna seeks Lamar's advice. 

Cagney and Lacey


After the key witness in the upcoming trial of a shady landlord dies, Cagney and Lacey must re-canvas his building in search of new witnesses before he gets set free. Meanwhile, Chris has a pregnancy scare. 

Cagney and Lacey


An over-protective father hinders prosecution of a babysitter who may have molested his daughter. Petrie gets beaten by some white NYPD officers who don't know he's a detective. 

Family Law

Family Values

Joe and Lynn defend a hospital that denied a man a kidney, and Danni fights for a couple's right to keep a chimpanzee.