START TV Schedule For Washington DC, DC


Beauty and the Beast


"Catherine sees only one way to stop Elliot Burch from threatening the World Below -- marriage." 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Great American Medicine Show

Dr. Mike clashes with Doc Eli, who comes to town peddling his own medicine purported to cure anything and everything. 

Touched by an Angel


Monica helps a woman give up the past as the new year arrives. 

Any Day Now

Rebel With a Cause

Present: Rene represents an elderly couple facing eviction from their retirement community for publicly displaying their affection. Rene and Turk take the big plunge and make their relationship public. M.E. writes a spirited column defending Dixie, which brings an offer from the Cross-Bearers of the Confederacy to make a speech at their Confederate Flag Memorial Rally. Unsure of whether to accept the offer, she ponders the symbolism and meaning of the Confederate flag and discusses it with her family and Rene. She finally agrees to attend the rally as long as Rene comes with her. During her speech, she questions the wisdom of the South's defining itself by the Civil War, and urges the audience to adopt a new symbol for the South -- "one that unites and points to a future healed by peace and tolerance instead of a past wounded by war and racism"". The speech proves wildly unpopular 

Murder, She Wrote

Love's Deadly Desire

"Jessica (Angela Lansbury) investigates the murder of a visiting romance novelist's (Carroll Baker) assistant (Yvonne Suhor) who was having an affair with the writer's publisher husband (William Katt)." 

Murder, She Wrote

A Death in Hong Kong

"Jessica's (Angela Lansbury) trip to Hong Kong is interrupted by the murder of an American businessman (Barrie Ingham) negotiating a merger with a Chinese tycoon (Soon-Teck Oh)." 


Tying the Knot

A dog is severely hurt when it saves a boy from being knocked down, and Joanie invites to her second wedding with Richie. 


Joe Day Afternoon

An intense hostage crisis unfolds at Joe's office when his troubled coworker kills a colleague. 

Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan (Pilot)

Jordan (Jill Hennessy) suspects that what appears to be a routine teenage prostitute's suicide might in fact be a cover-up for foul play involving important city officials. However, while probing deeper into the girl's death with Detective Collins (guest star Kyle Secor, "Homicide: Life on the Street") -- the investigator on the case -- Jordan could possibly jeopardize her new job or even her own life. 

Covert Affairs

I Can't Quit You, Baby

After a diamond smuggler is busted trying to enter the country, Annie is sent to London to infiltrate the group and replace him. 

Cold Case

Late Returns

A current murder case leads Rush and Valens to reopen a cold case from 1992 involving a young woman, Vanessa Prosser, killed after leaving a political event on election night. 


The Comeback

Carrie searches for the identity of the mysterious caller who orchestrated a series of sniper attacks. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Built for Speed

Is Lt. Martinez (AMAURY NOLASCO) thwarting Jane's case? 

The Closer

Good Housekeeping

Brenda's investigation into the rape and murder of a young Mexican girl takes a toll on the squad. 

The Closer

The Butler Did It

When the butler dies, all signs point to three spoiled heirs and their destructive lifestyles. 

Major Crimes

Flight Risk

In the season premiere, a dad and his children go missing. 

Major Crimes

Personal Day

A 17-year-old murder case is reopened. 

Rizzoli & Isles

East Meets West

Jane and Maura enter the world of an Eastern European gang. 

In Plain Sight

Gilted Lily

When a witness turns up dead, Mary ditches administrative leave to solve a 10 Little Indians story --- until her own brand of Post-Traumatic-Stress disorders her plan. 

Saving Grace

But There's Clay

"Grace discovers that Doug is having a whirlwind romance with Maggie, a waitress at Louie's, and becomes concerned when she learns just how serious the relationship truly is. The cops investigate the death of a college coed on a park jogging trail, and Grace must convince the desperate father of another unsolved murder that the two cases are probably not related. Leon is resistant when his high school sweetheart expresses a desire to visit him in prison." 

Cold Case

Blood on the Tracks

When evidence of a pipe bomb is found in a suburban home during renovations, Rush reopens the case of a married couple killed in 1981 in what was termed an accidental gas leak explosion at the time. 



Carrie is unable to utilize her perfect memory when an assassin doses her with a deadly poison that attacks her brain. 

The Good Wife


A self-driving car case creates a power struggles between Alicia, Louis Canning, and Lockhart-Agos. 

Ghost Whisperer

The Woman of His Dreams

A dream sends Melinda to her mother on the eve of surgery.