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Beauty and the Beast

Once Upon a Time in New York (Pilot)

"A life-threatening attack changes Catherine forever and introduces her to a new friend from the World Below." 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Rite of Passage

Matthew clashes with Dr. Mike after declaring his intent to marry Ingrid. To prove his manhood, he sets off on a vision quest with the help of Sully and Cloud Dancing. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman


Colleen develops romantic feelings for Sully as she misinterprets a number of his helpful actions. Her crush on him puts her life in danger. Hank accuses Grace of poisoning him. 

Touched by an Angel

An Angel by Any Other Name

Tess works for the local nursery in a group home, and Monica works as a mail lady in the middle-class neighborhood, where the IRS auditor resides. 

Touched by an Angel

A Delicate Balance

The angels try to help a gifted gymnast, who has an overbearing mother, who neglects her son. 

Any Day Now

Peace of Mind

Present: While the future hangs over M.E.'s head like a storm cloud, Colliar looks ahead to growing old with his wife in their dream house. Meanwhile, Rene defends Joe in court. Past: Colliar and the girls take aptitude tests with less than desirable results. 


Taste of Providence

A young showgirl with back pain saves money for a breast reduction operation, and Syd offers to do it. Cynthia's dog has become lazy in breeding sessions and Joanie enters a cooking contest. Vince tempts Robbie continuously to bet.  


The People in Your Neighborhood

Allison's neighbors grow enraged when a convicted sex offender moves into the neighborhood. 

Crossing Jordan

Upon a Wasted Building (aka One Twelve)

When Boston is rattled by a devastating explosion leaving an office high-rise in ruins, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) and the rest of the morgue staff lead the recovery effort. Stumbling across a lone survivor (guest star Fredric Lehne) trapped inside the concrete pile, Jordan must keep him alive long enough for search and rescue teams to reach him. 

Covert Affairs

Space (I Believe In)

Seth Newman's body is found. The FBI is investigating his death. Annie manages to be part of the FBI team so she can prevent them from finding out her involvement. Henry knows Annie is involved but still makes her an offer to join his team. 

Cold Case


New evidence prompts the team to believe that foul play— not suicide— was involved in the 1999 death of a high school debate team champion. 


Cashing Out

Carrie and Al investigate a prominent City Hall aide’s murder with mob links. 

Rizzoli & Isles

In Plain View

Maura discovers she has had her identity stolen. 

The Closer

Maternal Instincts

A critically injured teenager is the squad's only clue into a shooting in a school parking lot. 

The Closer

Waivers Of Extradition

Brenda competes with a Texas Detective to catch a serial killer. 

Major Crimes

Skin Deep

Buzz looks into the circumstances of his father's murder. 

Major Crimes

Cashed Out

A murder jeopardizes Sanchez's foster parent application. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Born to Run

A shooter targets runners at the Boston Marathon. 

In Plain Sight

Stan By Me

After watching her mother audition for "Sweet Charity"" 

Saving Grace

The Heart of a Cop

"The cops investigate a series of grisly murders across Oklahoma City and suspect the killings are the work of a serial killer. Grace is assigned a new partner, Abby, a patrol cop on a twenty-eight day rotation. After learning more information about his case, Rhetta pushes Grace to help the increasingly despondent Leon." 

Cold Case

Saving Patrick Bubley

The victim in a gang shooting is the brother of the first murder victim whose case Rush worked. Rush is determined to stop the cycle and save another brother. 


This Is Your Life

"The team attempt to find the missing husband of a woman in the Witness Protection Program without revealing her location to the criminals who are also trying to track her down." 

The Good Wife

Tying the Knot

Alicia becomes a witness when a body is found in her client's house, and a picture of Zach causes trouble for Peter. 

Ghost Whisperer


Melinda has to gain the trust of Ned's classmate to solve the mystery of her brother's death.