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Early Edition

Where or When

In a "Rear Window" style plot, Gary watches people in the apartment building across the street and is attracted to a new neighbor who seem to have been the victim of a murder almost 50 years ago. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

For Better or Worse: Part 1

Mike and Sully are ready to tie the knot, but not before they tie up some loose ends. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

For Better or Worse: Part 2

Mike and Sully are married. 

Touched by an Angel

The South Bound Bus

Monica receives her first assignment from Tess to help a boy living alone with his father after a tragedy occurred. 

Touched by an Angel

Show Me the Way to Go Home

Monica must help a bitter high school coach and Vietnam Vet come to terms with his impending death. 


Blind Alleys

The police department is taken hostage by a suspect's father. 


Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

Allison and her daughter share the same dream, which revolves around a missing homeless man. 


Match Game, The

As she probes a spate of slayings, Allison begins noticing symbols above people's heads which link to their soulmates. 

Crossing Jordan

Wild Card

Jordan (Jill Hennessy) investigates the stabbing death of a young witness on whom the police and hard-edged detective Eric Brazil (guest star Joe Maruzzo) were depending to convict a notorious murderer. However, when the evidence points towards a police officer as the possible killer, Jordan begins to suspect the hard-charging detective played a larger role in silencing this witness. 

Crossing Jordan

John Doe

The investigation into the brutal death of an unidentified vagrant labeled "John Doe" hits home for Bug (Ravi Kapoor), who sets out on an unorthodox, Jordan-esque mission to uncover the man's identity and find his murderer. Despite Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) advice to let the police handle the case, a relentless Bug uses his forensic skills to track the "John Doe's" final steps and uncovers more than he bargained for. 

Cold Case

Shuffle, Ball Change

During an excavation, construction workers uncover the decomposed and battered body of Maurice Hall, a sensitive grocery clerk who disappeared in a working-class town in 1984. 

Cold Case

A Dollar-a-Dream

In 1999 a suburban mom lost her house after her husband died, and she was forced to live in her station wagon with her daughters, ages 9 and 14. Now, an environmental group finds Marlene's car—with her decomposed body in it—at the bottom of a lake. 


Root of All Evil: Part 2

While the agents zero in on the hooded bomber, Sam has an unpleasant meeting with her father. 

The Closer

Make Over

When one of Provenza's old cases is called into question, his partner returns to close it another way -- only he's changed. 

The Closer

Dead Man's Hand

Captain Raydor asks for Brenda's help when one of her own appears to be the victim of domestic abuse. Meanwhile, Brenda discovers Fritz's secret. 

The Division

Crawl Space: Part 2

The detectives pursue a serial abductor, but the case gets personal when Raina becomes the latest victim. 

Strong Medicine

Child Care

A popular video game designer's fatal illness exposes a rift between her mother and her husband; Lu is pressed to provide an untested treatment for an autistic child. 

Family Law

All God's Creatures

Danni's old flame asks her for help, and a couple argue over custody of their children when racism comes into play. 

The Good Wife

Net Worth

The firm represents an internet billionaire taken advantage of by a film studio, and Alicia confronts Will about the voicemail. 

The Good Wife

Silver Bullet

Diane balances the personal and professional when representing her favorite ballistics expert, and Eli sets a trap for Wendy Scott-Carr. 


Sorcerer's Apprentice

The unit probes arson and murders on Native American reservations. 

Joan of Arcadia

Just Say No

God tells Joan to hold a garage sale. Meanwhile, Will goes to bat for a rape victim even though the district attorney feels the case isn't strong enough. 

Promised Land

Civil Wars

Dinah fears the worst after the Angel of Death appears near a car accident. 

Early Edition

The Fourth Carpathian

Gary's parents receive the paper when Gary is trapped in an abandoned theatre trying to save a monkey.