"It was important to me to have a female majority, women-owned law firm," says Stephanie Scharf, founding partner of Scharf Banks Marmor LLC. "There were very few and still are very few women-owned law firms today."

Scharf grew up in an era in which women didn't have the opportunities they have in the workplace today. The fact that her mother was unable to move up in her career was an underlying impetus to her drive — she wants to show that women can advance.

"Almost as a payback," she tells Start TV. "Workplaces are not set up to keep women working and moving forward. We have to help women work around, deal with the realities of their family lives. Women, more than men, substantially more than men, are responsible for the childcare, or the household care or parental care. My view is, we don't have to fix the women. We don't have to fix the families. We have to fix the workplace."

Watch Scharf discuss her solution for women in the workplace in the video below:

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