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Lilly Rush and Dr. Joan Watson are brilliant characters who don't have an issue speaking their minds. Both are powerful women who went through tough times in their past and prevailed. Who said these lines?
  1. Who said: "[I'm] looking at a dead man. And get those feet off my table!"
  2. Who said: "Couching it as a scientific observation totally negates the misogyny."
  3. Who said: "[in response to someone asking her to drop the case] When I'm so close to the truth? Not a chance."
  4. Who said: "Try not to burn the house down."
  5. Who said: "[in response to a guy saying her boyfriend is downstairs] I'm single. You sure it's not your boyfriend?"
  6. Who said: "One shot? All guns should be Remington Derringers."
  7. Who said: "People shouldn't be forgotten. They matter. They should get justice, too."
  8. Who said: "That's the first time I've heard of a country giving an alibi."
  9. Who said: "[in response to someone telling them an old case can wait] No, it can't. It's waited long enough."
  10. Who said: "Is this just confusing because I haven't had my coffee yet?"

Who said it: Dr. Joan Watson or Lilly Rush?

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