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When actors begin their journeys, many start with minor roles in shorts and then go to small roles on television. Once they build their resume, we see them shine in recurring roles and eventually star. Then, some move on to films and become household names. 

Do you remember watching a classic show and seeing an actor, then going, "They're going to be a star in the future"? We do, and many could be seen on shows like Medium before their rise to fame.

Did these stars ever make an appearance on Medium?
  1. Did Viola Davis appear on Medium?
  2. Did Joey King appear on Medium?
  3. Did Tom Hanks appear on Medium?
  4. Did Emma Stone appear on Medium?
  5. Did Jacob Elordi appear on Medium?
  6. Did Octavia Spencer appear on Medium?
  7. Did Austin Butler appear on Medium?
  8. Did Joe Manganiello appear on Medium?
  9. Did Timothee Chalamet appear on Medium?
  10. Did Jennifer Lawrence appear on Medium?

Did these stars ever make an appearance on Medium?

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