How well do you know In Plain Sight?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 16, 2019, 12:07PM
Sharp as a tack, quick to a fault and unbelievably good at her job. In Plain Sight introduced the world to Deputy U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon, the person you want on your side when you're in the witness protection program. Whether she's acclimating a new witness or hunting down their hunter, everyone can count on Shannon to get the job done. 

With In Plain Sight joining the evening lineup, we want to know; are you an In Plain Sight expert? Show off your trivia smarts and give it a go!
  1. What year did In Plain Sight premiere?
  2. How many seasons of the show ran?
  3. Mary Shannon is the main character of the show, but she often gives her witnesses an alias. What is her alias?
  4. What is Mary Shannon's fiancée's occupation in season 1-2?
  5. Does Mary Shannon have a brother or a sister?
  6. Who is Marshall Mann?
  7. In what city is the show primarily set?
  8. True or False: The show was filmed on location in the city from question 7.
  9. Who does the team work for?
  10. What is Mary Shannon's mother's name?
  11. What is Mary Shannon's official title?
  12. What color, make and model is Mary Shannon's car?
  13. Marshall Mann also has an alias with his witnesses. Do you know what it is?
  14. Mary Shannon has a younger sister named Brandi, but she gives her a sweet nickname. What is Brandi's nickname?
  15. True or false: Mary Shannon has been married before.
How well do you know In Plain Sight?

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Tabathe 1 month ago
I love this station i was upset when we got cable and this network wasnt on it i still would switchover to the channel my favorite show is in plain sight
Bran 2 months ago
Awesome show and im so glad this station is around...we always watch it..everynight at 7...thank you start t.v!!
MarshallMannFan 6 months ago
I used to watch this show with my mom when it was on USA.
ME: "Anything good on TV tonight Mom?"
MOM: "The Marshalls are on tonight."

Great scripts. Great characters. Humor. Pathos. And that sexy, cerebral Frederick Weller as sexy, cerebral Marshall Marshall Mann. Be still my ❤️. SO glad it's been brought back by Start TV!
VictorQuinones 8 months ago
i like this show, one should should consider more show episodes
Mac 9 months ago
14 out of 15 not bad since we just started watching this channel a couple of weeks ago.
Lisajo 10 months ago
8 out of 15 and i do not watch this show good at guessing
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