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When you think about the early 2000s, what's something you miss? Is it the decade's fashion, music, or culture? Maybe you miss how simple and inexpensive it was to follow trends or how authenticity was at the forefront of almost everything. 

What about the pop culture sayings? You know, the ones every teenager and young adult used that made our elders shake their heads in confusion? We grabbed a few of those nostalgic sayings and mixed them in with some we've made up! It's up to you to figure out which are real. 

Good luck!
  1. "Turnt up"
  2. "That's insane-able."
  3. "Peace out."
  4. "Talk to the hand."
  5. "That's gross-alini."
  6. "He's a baller."
  7. "Catch the river."
  8. "You need to chillax."
  9. "Keep the dominos."
  10. "What's poppin'?

Are these real early 2000s sayings, or did we make them up?

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