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There are many ways to describe Cold Case character Lilly Rush and Major Crimes character Sharon Raydor. The characters lived two completely different lives, but it can be hard to figure out who went through what if you don't know all the details! 

That's why we're using their experiences to describe the characters; you have to guess who we're talking about! Good luck!
  1. This character was born with the last name O'Dwyer.
  2. This character and her siblings were raised on welfare.
  3. This character was brutally attacked and robbed at age 10 after her mom sent her to the store at night.
  4. This character initially wanted to become a lawyer.
  5. This character has two children — one son and one daughter.
  6. This character was held hostage by a serial killer.
  7. This character was called the "Wicked Witch of the West" after killing someone.
  8. This character almost drowned.
  9. This character's husband left her and moved to Las Vegas.
  10. This character was in a relationship with a man named Joseph Shaw.

Who are we describing: Sharon Raydor or Lilly Rush?

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