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Crime dramas with women as their leading characters often portray them as fearless. They have a tough side that's often misinterpreted, but you'll never have to second-guess their credentials or whether they're "all in" on solving a crime. These characters are known to be hard workers; they smuggle themselves in cases and pull all-nighters. Viewers may get a glimpse of their personal lives, but its always in shambles.

We see the characters thrive in their careers while sinking in sorrow and dealing with bad relationships and family issues. Or, the character is hyper-independent, which can be caused by trauma. In an attempt to focus on a series plot, producers forget to highlight the positive side of the character's private life, so sometimes, actors take matters into their own hands.

Lucy Liu, the star of Elementary, wanted to ensure that Dr. Joan Watson didn't lose her personal life in the series.

In a 2019 interview with The Wrap, Liu stated, "I really wanted to make sure that she didn't lose her personal life. You know, in the time that the show's been on, she's had a partner and then he was killed. There were so many ways that we could go, but I just feel like I wanted to see more of the relationship end on her part."

A lot of people could say, 'Well, this isn't a romantic drama, so Watson's relationship status shouldn't matter.' However, it's vital for a series to showcase that side of a character. It proves that women can have a thriving career, a fulfilled personal life, and dreamy love.

Liu continued, "I had talked to Rob [Doherty, showrunner] about it, too. That was something that I was sad about not having developed [earlier] because I didn't want it to seem like you can have a career, but you can't also have a personal life."

The actress got her wish in season seven of Elementary, which, although it was the final season, made her happy because she didn't "want it to seem like it's impossible to have both."

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