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Say these five Lucy Liu quotes daily to bring positivity into your life

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: January 22, 2024, 2:01PM    Tags: Elementary, Lucy Liu, self care, quotes

Words hold a lot of power; depending on who says what (and how they communicate it), words can make or break an individual. Sometimes, we're our harshest critics, and it can cause a lot of damage to our self-esteem, ultimately leading to a self-destructive mindset. There are a lot of ways to reverse this mindset, though.

It might take time, but self-care and speaking positive things into your life (or manifesting, as many say) is a great way to start. While on Elementary, Lucy Liu chatted with the Los Angeles Times in 2014 about staying healthy and her meditation tactics. Here are five quotes from the interview that you can use to speak greatness into your life.

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I achieve a deep sense of balance as my compassion grows for other people's health and healing. I begin a cycle of love and healing that returns to me.

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A mountain lies ahead. But it is all glass. It shatters and I realize there is nothing holding me back at all.

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Transformative power exists within me. I tap into this energy, uniting with the collective force of the universe. As I become renewed, so does the world around me.

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My soul is the most quiet voice. Like a compass, it leads me.

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I will dream big. I shall keep asking and keep receiving. Expanding, ever blooming.

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