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Siblings—you just can't live without 'em! Living with your siblings is one thing; working with them is another—it's something Emmy award-winning actress Patricia Arquette is familiar with. While starring in the supernatural drama series Medium, Arquette got the chance to work with her brother, David Arquette.

Instead of the normal "big sister bosses' little brother around" moment, this time, David was the one giving orders. In 2007, The Journal News published an article titled "Another Arquette to Work on Medium." In a true attention-grabbing fashion, the first sentence of the piece reads, "Patricia Arquette will soon be taking orders from her little brother."

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Apparently, David, who was married to Friends actress Courtney Cox, directed an episode of the NBC show. Patricia had a few things to say about the news. "I was always a bossy little girl and being David's older sister, I've bossed him around quite a bit. Now that he'll be directing me, it will be payback time."

She added, "I think it will be really interesting being directed by David because he knows me so well and I feel so safe with him. I think I'll be able to go to some of my darkest places."

David had his creative hand in a little bit of everything when he directed the season three episode "1-900-Lucky." He was a star on ABC's In Case of Emergency and directed his first feature film. Yet, he was most excited about working with his sister. The younger Arquette would go on to direct an additional two more episodes, "Do You Hear What I Hear" (season four) and "Once in a Lifetime" (season six).

If his director and (now) executive producer credits don't ring a bell, maybe Scream would! He starred in the horror movie series in the '90s and early 2000s. 

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