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Once upon a time, about six decades ago, there were two different types of actors. Hollywood actors were movie stars, and they steered away from television shows—viewing them as a "last option" and some even swearing to never deal with it. Then, you had the television actors who enjoyed the stability of appearing as their characters every season—ultimately choosing to stay away from the "stress" that Hollywood's glitz and glam brought to its cast.

As these two industries evolved, so did actors. Many actors found themselves snagging gigs in both industries to stay afloat or simply to show off their ability to be versatile. Although she began in films, Patricia Arquette never swore to stay away from television gigs, but she did say the change was an endurance test.

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"It's an endurance test. And there are times where you go a little bit crazy as an actor," the star of Medium told the Associated Press in 2008. "'Wait a minute, haven't we already shot this scene? Haven't we said similar things to each other in another episode?'"

She reasoned that married people had similar discussions almost every day, and to bring a realistic feel to Medium, writers wanted to make it seem like Allison and Joe were a real married couple. So, they had some of the same conversations often.

"Oh, but married people do that all the time. They have the same conversations during their relationship. So I surrender to it and tell myself, 'Let me do what is true here, and not worry whether it's the same as we did it before," she added.

Jake Weber, who played Arquette's character's husband, made filming a breeze. He helped her find the beauty in taking her time with scenes. 

"There's something very genuine about his acting. When I'm in my character and he's in his character, I can always see why Allison loves him. I see why they're together. He taught me that ultimately, it's good for everybody when you take the time to do it right. And that has been a hard lesson to learn."

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