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Often, we hear about actors turning down movie and television roles. Sometimes, they regret declining the offer once the production is released, and it's a hit. In some instances, actors stand by their decision and have a valid reason for it.

However, egos do play a massive role in choosing productions. Once celebrities reach a certain level, they no longer want to play supporting roles or do guest appearances. They want to be the main character, have the most oversized dressing room, boss people around, etc. Patricia Arquette is not one of those actors.

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She is "incredibly grateful" for all opportunities that come her way. "I've seen a lot of people not work because their ego stood in the way. They get hung up on how good the material should be and what's proper for somebody of their celebrity status, and after a while, no one hires them," Arquette told the Vancouver Sun in 2015. 

Aware that the industry changed significantly in the past decade, the Emmy award-winning actress valued being on screens of all sizes. With her success on NBC/CBS' Medium and then-current show CSI: Cyber, Arquette's goal was blatant: be a part of productions that make people forget about their troubles and, of course, find steady work.

Like other actors, she did have a favorite. She loved the idea of working in television more than films.

"The truth is, movies today are paying very few people enough to survive. I like the idea of reaching a worldwide audience. I like the idea of being in someone's apartment in Dubai, someone's shack in Mexico, all over the world," she added.

"I've worked on aid projects all over the world, and it's amazing how many people can watch television. So I feel incredibly grateful for these opportunities when they come. I want to be a part of forgetting their troubles. If only for a moment, and television lets me do that."

Arquette's performances on Medium and CSI: Cyber have helped viewers forget about their problems. Although CSI: Cyber only had one season, these shows are still fan favorites. And honestly, everyone loves seeing her on their television screens.

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