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Beauty and the Beast


"A 20-year grudge endangers the inhabitant of the World Below, and Diana must solve the murders before it's too late." 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Great American Medicine Show

Dr. Mike clashes with Doc Eli, who comes to town peddling his own medicine purported to cure anything and everything. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

A Cowboy's Lullaby

A down-and-out cowboy abandons his infant child, but Sully and Dr. Mike convince him to take the baby back. 

Touched by an Angel


A high-powered Hollywood executive must face her family's past during the McCarthy era. 

Touched by an Angel

The Comeback

"After years of unsuccessful auditions, a young woman finally gets her big break on Broadway when she’s cast as understudy to Monica, only to discover that her mother has unfinished business with the star of the show." 

Any Day Now

I'm Not Emotional

Present: Mary Elizabeth and Colliar deal with Davis's suspension from school for "sexual misconduct 

Ghost Whisperer

Old Sins Cast Long Shadows

A routine estate sale lands Melinda in the center of dark forces battling for the soul of a little girl. 


Raising Cain

Allison helps authorities locate a missing boy but then has visions of him creating mayhem in the future. 

Crossing Jordan

Dead in the Water

Detective Hoyt (Jerry O'Connell) enlists Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) aid in identifying a body washed ashore after a bad storm. Once identified as Sarah Corday, a prominent politician's daughter who had been missing for seven years, Lily (Kathryn Hahn) does her part to assist detectives in the search into the fall from comfort and care that brought Corday to her death. 

Crossing Jordan

O Brother Where Art Thou?

In the conclusion of the second season ending cliffhanger, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) searches for evidence to clear her father, Max (Ken Howard), who stands accused of murdering the chief of police. Hindered by Max' disappearance, Jordan relies on a suspended Woody (Jerry O'Connell), working with detective Annie Capra (guest star Arija Bareikis), to help her track down missing brother James (guest star Michael T. Weiss, "The Pretender") who she believes to be the key to solving this homicide. 

Cold Case


When the 1958 suicide of a celebrated Philadelphia disc jockey is discovered to have actually been a murder, Rush and the team must find the truth of this public persona's private life by decoding a message hidden in his final broadcast. 


Game On

The murder of a talented computer programmer exposes a businessman's secret. 

Rizzoli & Isles

A New Day

In the season premiere, a jogger's murder takes on urgency. 

The Closer

Junk in the Trunk

A body is discovered in the trunk of a car leading an odd mystery for the squad. 

The Closer

Power of Attorney

A manipulative attorney blocks Brenda from closing a sexual assault case. 

Major Crimes

Penalty Phase

An unhinged killer makes a film, with victims as the stars. 

Major Crimes

Hindsight (Part 1)

The team probes a troubling series of unsolved homicides. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Shadow of Doubt

A clever killer tries to get away with the perfect crime. 

In Plain Sight

Son of Mann

Seth Mann, a legendary Marshal whose career spans decades and who also happens to be Marshall's father, comes into Albuquerque to work on Operation Falcon, a nationwide sweep of open warrants. Meanwhile, Brandi returns to Albuquerque with a suspicious story about her disappearance and as surprise guest connected to her past. 



"Jess experiences troubling nightmares as she tries to locate a missing woman who has been threatened by a killer" 


Insight (Pilot)

Single Atlanta women are being murdered, but as Sam zeros in on the killer, another serial killer is zeroing in on Sam. 


Ring of Fire

An arsonist heats up, and serial killer Jack discovers where Sam lives. 

The Good Wife

Killer Song

The firm works to stop a released killer from profiting from his crime, and Eli attempts to make up for a past campaign tactic. 

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Bad Girls

Lucy and Sue track down a former love of Lucy's grandmother and the team investigates a variety of bank heists connected to three teenage girls in a private high school.