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Joan of Arcadia

Double Dutch

God tells Joan to learn to jump rope with a group of inner-city teens, one of whom Joan discovers is homeless. Kevin goes on a mystery date. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Time to Heal: Part 2

Mike's treatment for Marjorie's diphtheria has tragic consequences; and Daniel is stricken. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Civil Wars

A rash of petty lawsuits breaks out in town and Mike is appointed judge to settle the disputes. 

Touched by an Angel

The Impossible Dream

A man with a beautiful voice is encouraged to sing for the first time in twenty-five years. 

Touched by an Angel

Forever Young

A motivational speaker must take his own advice and move forward from a tragedy. 


Check Out Time

Carrie's memory is the only clue left when a murder scene is destroyed. 


How to Make a Killing in Big Business: Part 2

Allison resigns at the DA's office when she's lured by a fellow psychic to work at a formidable corporation. 


How to Make a Killing in Big Business: Part 3

Allison resigns at the DA's office when she's lured by a fellow psychic to work at a formidable corporation. 

Crossing Jordan


Jordan (Jill Hennessy) defies special prosecutor William Ivers' (guest star Jeffrey Donovan) orders by performing an autopsy on a corpse that she believes did not actually die from the flu. Woody's (Jerry O'Connell) interest is piqued after the corpse spews out an unusual liquid and he offers to go with Jordan to investigate. They quickly realize that the situation is more serious than they thought and could trigger a public health scare. 

Crossing Jordan

Seven feet Under

When Jordan (Jill Hennessy), Macy (Miguel Ferrer) and Detective Matt Seely (guest star David Monahan) attempt to solve a 16-year-old girl's murder, they discover that she was keeping a scandalous secret. During the investigation, Jordan begins to struggle with her declining health and Macy decides to confront her. 

Cold Case

Triple Threat

Lilly and the team reopen the 1989 murder case of a Russian opera prodigy who defected with her family to the United States. 

Cold Case

Pin Up Girl

The team reopens the 1953 case of a pinup girl when a fan's crime-scene photo offers new evidence. 

Cagney and Lacey


When a lottery jackpot has one more claimant than there should be, Cagney and Lacey try to find out who's got the counterfeit ticket. Meanwhile, the Laceys prepare for an IRS audit. 

The Closer

In Custody

Major Crimes steps in when an apparent suicide may be the work of the woman's addict lover. Brenda learns that Pope's promotional would have a ripple effect on her team as well. 

The Closer


Provenza big date night with a flight attendant is interrupted when a dead body is found in her apartment. 

Ghost Whisperer

A Vicious Cycle

When Jim unknowingly tricks Melinda into her first camping trip, she's distracted by a ghost looking for her daughter. 

Ghost Whisperer

The Night We Never Met

A ghost who sets fires threatens Melinda. 

In Plain Sight

Sacrificial Lam

With Mary's father on the lam and out for vengeance, she finds herself under FBI surveillance. In order to clear her name, she'll have to lose her tail and track down her own father before anyone else does. 

The Good Wife


Stern asks Alicia to represent him in a DUI case, and Peter's mistress takes aim at his personal life. 

Strong Medicine

Heartbeats and Deadbeats

As the friction on an experimental heart procedure turns to attraction for Andy and Dr. Morton, a young patient's need for a bone marrow transplant exposes a mix up at the hospital five years ago. 


Ring of Fire

An arsonist heats up, and serial killer Jack discovers where Sam lives. 

The Division

Extreme Action Figures

A football star's death is linked to drugs, Jinny tries to overcome her addiction, and Nate does relationship work. 

Family Law

Children of a Lesser Dad

Lynn represents a man who violated his parole by impregnating his wife, and Viveca decides what to do with her pregnancy. 

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye


While trying to protect an Afghan leader, the F.B.I team loses their primary assassin. But just when they think all hope is lost, another possible assassin is tracked down and put under surveillance, generating some interesting results.