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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Circus

A whimsical woman and her daughter bring a circus to town. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Another Woman

A white woman who grew up among the Indians finds a kindred soul in Sully; Jake's appeal to Dorothy's heart bothers Loren. 

Touched by an Angel

Spirit of Liberty Moon, The (Part 1)

"When an American businessman sneaks his Chinese assistant back into her country to search for her lost family, he risks his career and she risks her life" 

Touched by an Angel

Spirit of Liberty Moon, The (Part 2)

"When an American businessman sneaks his Chinese assistant back into her country to search for her lost family, he risks his career and she risks her life" 


Spirited Away

A renowned ghost hunter's death is linked to a recent assignment. 


There Will Be Blood - Type B: Part 2

Allison forges a friendship with a mysterious girl who materializes in her dreams. 



The death of Allison's neighbor causes her to install a home-security system. 

Crossing Jordan

The Dawn of a New Day

Mackenzie Phillips ("One Day at a Time," "So Weird") guest-stars as a waitress whose unusual reaction to the shooting death of her cab driver husband makes Jordan (Jill Hennessy) curious about the real story behind the cabbie's killing. While at the crime scene, Jordan also encounters Edward "Eddy" Winslow (guest star D.W. Moffett, "Traffic," "For Your Love"), the homicide detective involved at the end of her father's career as a cop. 

Crossing Jordan

The Ties That Bind

Jordan (Jill Hennessy) goes to prison where she attempts to piece together a scenario to confirm her hunch that the torso of a raped, murdered and dismembered woman belonged to a corrections officer killed on the job. Ironically, Jordan's home life seems too confining as the stress of staying with her father, Max (Ken Howard), and his new girlfriend, Evelyn (guest star Lois Nettleton), causes Jordan to clash with her colleague, Trey (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali). 

Cold Case


Lieutenant Stillman asks Rush to investigate the 1980 unsolved murder of an 8-year-old boy. Stillman worked the case and is still haunted by it. 

Cold Case

The Letter

Rush confronts her oldest murder case yet when Sarah Tucker, the 40-year-old granddaughter of Sadie Douglas, a black woman murdered in 1939, provides letters Sadie wrote to Sarah's mother, at one point seeming to implicate a milkman. 

Cagney and Lacey


A case of mistaken identity leads to a police officer's shooting at a restaurant. Meanwhile, Captain Isbecki does all he can to keep Chris and Mary Beth off the precinct's new softball team. 

The Closer


Provenza big date night with a flight attendant is interrupted when a dead body is found in her apartment. 

The Closer

Heart Attack

When body parts of gang members are discovered, Major Crimes worries a war is about to break out. Meanwhile, Sanchez grows closer to a young ward rather than finding the boy's mother. 

Ghost Whisperer

The Night We Never Met

A ghost who sets fires threatens Melinda. 

Ghost Whisperer

The Curse of the Ninth

A musician who believes he's been cursed has a much more complex problem that Melinda must help him solve. 

In Plain Sight

Iris Doesn't Live Here Anymore

An entire family is forced to enter WITSEC after their teenaged daughter witnesses a gang murder. 

The Good Wife

A Weird Year

Canning challenges Diane's firm, a wedge is driven between Alicia and Cary, and Eli finds his next candidate for States Attorney. 

Strong Medicine

Miracle Cure

Dana faces an ethical dilemma after diagnosing an airline pilot with an irreversible brain disorder; Lu's diagnosis of a young girl with Tay Sachs Disease uncovers a secret about her mother's past. 


Dying to Live

A mercy killer is harvesting organs and taking out the donors. Meanwhile, Bailey learns he's the target of a probe. 

The Division

Secrets and Lies

Kate's secret is revealed, and Angela leads her first investigation. 

Family Law


Lynn fights for an immigrant, and soccer parents argue for a game to be replayed. 

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Silent Night

In the middle of the Christmas season, a mysterious Santa has been robbing banks with a few little helpers. Bobby tries to present a good image to the press but a determined reporter is eager to attack the F.B.I and Sue's rocky relationship with her mother ensues when her parents stay over.