Angelique Power talks courage and taking chances

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: May 21, 2019, 11:15AM

The daughter of a Chicago Public Schools teacher and a Chicago police officer, Angelique Power played by the rules her whole life – until she graduated from college and decided to take four months off to go camping in Alaska. Courage in the moment, she says, might feel like tremendous risk: "Courage is something that's afforded by retrospect." Now President of The Field Foundation, she oversees the charitable distribution of more than $2 million annually from assets nearing $60 million.

See why Angelique Power thinks you shouldn't conform to society's expectations:

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SherrieMedina 3 months ago
Thank you Angelique for sharing your wisdom. I love the analogies of "your window" and taking the pill of societies expectations, and spitting it out! You inspire me so much. Keep up the great work Momma!
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