Becky Wahlstrom went from actress to writer to tell stories no one else is telling

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 15, 2019, 12:50PM

Actress, writer and director Becky Wahlstrom played Grace Polk on the CBS show Joan of Arcadia. She has also appeared in Grey's Anatomy, Lucky 13, Star Trek: Enterprise, Charmed, Judging Amy, NCIS and Mad Men. She told Start TV that her audition for Joan of Arcadia was just for a guest star role on one episode - and she almost didn't go to the audition - but it's a good thing she did ... as that role turned into a recurring one. "We were in every episode from the first one on," Wahlstrom said.

Wahlstrom said she got into writing so she could tell more women's stories. "No one else is writing them," she told Start TV, "so let's do it."

Watch Becky Wahlstrom talk about her transition from actress to writer:

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