Lilly Rush

Kathryn Morris was the LAST person cast in Cold Case, and it was intentional

Here's why it took the leading lady some time to accept the role.

Who said it: Dr. Joan Watson or Lilly Rush?

Guess who said these lines!

Is this Lilly Rush or Annie Walker?

This quiz might be a little hard, so brace yourself!

How well do you know Lilly Rush's original partner?

Before Scotty Valens, Lilly Rush had a different partner.

Kathryn Morris said she and Lilly Rush had one thing in common

Morris and Lilly Rush had many differences, but they had one thing in common.

Who are we describing: Sharon Raydor or Lilly Rush?

How well do you know these two characters?

Lilly Rush's partner, Detective Scotty Valens, had lots of secrets hidden in his past

The character, played by Danny Pino, dealt with a lot outside of the Philadelphia-based homicide squad.

Kathryn Morris said Lilly Rush was ''capable of breaking down walls''

"She doesn't have to work the system or pile on the lip gloss to get ahead," Morris said.
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