Jessica Fletcher

Murder, She Wrote opened doors for shows like The Golden Girls to succeed

Two classic shows that star witty women that EVERYONE wants to see

Are these the names of Murder, She Wrote one-off characters or Covert Affairs actors?

This quiz might be a little bit harder than you think!

Angela Lansbury almost starred in a sitcom, but she chose Murder, She Wrote instead

Angela's agents urged her to take the sitcom, but she followed her gut instinct.

What made Jessica Fletcher different from other murder mystery characters?

There's a reason why Fletcher is still highlighted today.

Angela Lansbury made Jessica Fletcher ''dazzle'' her audience with beauty and grace

Lansbury knew how to be glamorous, so she made Jessica Fletcher do the same.

Angela Lansbury cleared up this incorrect statement made by Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball was Mame Dennis in the 1974 film, and during an interview, she gave an inaccurate response to why Lansbury didn't... MORE

These fictional Jessica Fletcher novels were a hit in Cabot Cove

Would you read these fictional bodies of work if you lived in Cabot Cove?

Which top-rated Murder, She Wrote episode are these scenes from?

Where did Jessica Fletcher solve these murders? On a bus or plane?

Angela Lansbury wrote a touching letter to her fans

These words truly came from the actress' heart.

Murder, She Wrote producers initially wanted this actress to play Jessica Fletcher

Jessica Fletcher was almost played by another talented actress.

Jessica Fletcher is making her way to the big screen

We have our fingers crossed that this film will keep the traits of Jessica Fletcher that Angela Lansbury worked hard to develop:... MORE

It'll be tough to score a 10/10 on this quiz about Angela Lansbury's film roles

Before she was Jessica Fletcher, Lansbury dominated the film industry.

Angela Lansbury didn't allow critics to define her, and her career lasted longer than they expected

Lansbury is the definition of letting your work speak for itself.

Angela Lansbury's standards were high regarding Jessica Fletcher's development

The character was solid for many reasons, and Angela Lansbury ensured she stayed credible.

Are you more like Angela Rizzoli or Jessica Fletcher?

One is an overbearing mom, and the other is known for questioning everything. Who are you more like?

Fill in the blanks: Can you complete these Murder, She Wrote episode titles?

We're not asking you to solve a murder mystery, but can you fill in the blanks?

Angela Lansbury loved gardening and cooking, not Hollywood social life

While others dreamed of being the center of attention, Lansbury dreamed of gardening and trying new dishes.

6 classic actors who appeared in episodes of Murder, She Wrote

These actors found themselves playing characters that needed Jessica Fletcher's help.

Here's how Angela Lansbury and Murder, She Wrote writers kept the show successful for a dozen seasons

For 12 seasons, viewers faithfully watched Jessica Fletcher solve murders.

How well do you know the character Jessica Fletcher?

Suspects have no way out when a charming writer has a "solving crimes" gift. Let's see how well you know the Murder, She Wrote... MORE

Murder, She Wrote joins Start TV's lineup of must-see crime shows, starting with an Independence Day weekend marathon

Watch author Jessica Fletcher solve crime in the Murder, She Wrote Independence Day weekend marathon as she becomes the latest... MORE
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