You don't have to be nasty to play a lousy character well. You just have to be a great actor, and Angela Lansbury knew this too well during her early career years.

Some might wonder, "Why would a kind-hearted person choose to portray a tough character in productions?" The answer is simple: it's their job. Acting is not just a means of livelihood, but also a way to showcase their versatility. If you aspire to be recognized in Hollywood (or simply avoid being typecast), you need to diversify your roles.

According to Angela Lansbury: A Life on Stage and Screen by Rob Edelman, the actress loved playing "fiery" roles because she was extremely sensitive in real life.

"From an artistic point of view, I love these parts," she began. "You see, I lack guts in my own life. I lack fire and meanness — so I love playing it in screen roles. I am rather a sensitive person, and I think you have to be a sensitive person to play it nasty. It isn't true that you have to be one to play one. I have seen real [nasties] in Hollywood play soft, sentimental roles so beautifully I wept."

Lansbury referred to these roles as "heavies" because they're emotionally demanding and can take a toll on those who play them, particularly actors who immerse themselves in their characters through method acting.

"I have my own approach, and it has to do with me — Angela — being a very sensitive person. I'm very, very sensitive to people giving me the cold shoulder, or telling me where to get off. And therefore, I can imagine it so well that I can act it out. It can be so acutely hurtful to me that I know how to turn it around and do it to someone else."

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