Mary McDonnell was ‘married’ to Tom Berenger once before Major Crimes

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 20, 2020, 1:31PM

Throughout the Major Crimes series, Sharon Raydor’s estranged husband, Jackson Raydor, would make frequent visits to the Major Crimes unit. Played by Tom Berenger, Jackson Raydor is Sharon's ex-husband and defense attorney who would often represent clients that Sharon and her unit are trying to put away.

However this isn’t the first time Mary McDonnell and Tom Berenger have played a married couple with one another on set. Long before the Major Crimes tv series, the two actors played a married couple in the theater production of National Anthems.’

Performed at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, Connecticut in 1988-89, McDonnell and Berenger played the roles of Detroit suburbanites, Arthur and Leslie Reede. The show begins at the end of Leslie and Arthur’s housewarming party when one of their new neighbors, played by Kevin Spacey, makes a surprise visit.

Spacey’s character spends much of the play criticizing both Arthur and Leslie’s consumerism, while also never mentioning the reason for his visit. Arthur and the neighbor argue, and eventually end in a game of tackle football with Leslie cheering them on.

This would be Berenger’s final theatrical performance as he would continue on with his television and film career, even earning an Emmy in 2012 for best supporting actor. Mary McDonnell would be closing out her 20 year run with the Long Wharf Theater Company with this final performance. She would continue to work in television, film, and theater with other theater companies in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and more.

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