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Characters are often killed off shows; it's common. The death could be a part of the series' overall plot, something that happens as producers brainstorm, or the result of an actor departing/ being terminated from their role. We've all had one character death that made us cry because, as fans, we've grown attached to the fictional part and it's like we lost a friend.

Many viewers felt this way about the death of Mary McDonnell's character, Sharon Raydor. The character was Major Crimes' main attraction, as the episode plots revolved around her and the department. Raydor's death came as a shock to viewers, and many didn't comprehend how the show continued for a few episodes after the death in the final season.

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McDonnell wrote an article, published on Variety's website, in 2018 that detailed her emotions about the character and as a response to fans.

"I've been watching, reading and listening to the fans' reactions to Sharon's death, and it's taken me a while to find the essence of my experience," the actress wrote. "I have been approached by several journalists, but in truth, I was not ready to speak until now."

She added, "The fan reaction to the death of Sharon Raydor has been sharply illuminating, deeply, deeply humbling and a true confirmation of what Commander Raydor stood for. When all of this was in the planning stages, I was hoping we would be able to announce the end of the series and give a gentle warning as to the death that was coming. My original understanding was that the arc was created as part of an impulse and strategy that revolved around staying in control of the narrative, as it was clear that the show would be canceled, which of course it was."

Throughout the article, McDonnell thanked fans for their love and appreciation of her and her character. She understood why they were furious with the way Major Crimes ended, and hoped that through their love for Sharon Raydor, the character would live on.

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