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Everybody knows that when they went to do an Aubrey Hepburn TV movie (2000's The Aubrey Hepburn Story), Jennifer Love Hewitt was the one cast as the iconic actress. But did you know that after portraying the British idol, she turned around four years later and sneakily delivered a sensational performance as a huge American pop star, too?

Yes, the Ghost Whisperer star once played Nancy Sinatra. The icon of cool. The first lady of rock.

It happened in 2004 on the critically-acclaimed series American Dreams, a show that took home Emmys for its outstanding costume and hairstyling, so do not think for one second that Love doesn't shine right from the second she steps onscreen.

The episode was called "The 7-10 Split" and it features a spectacularly costumed Love in a pink fringe dress and white go-go boots, recreating a famous American Bandstand performance where Nancy Sinatra sang "These Boots Are Made for Walking."

American Dreams was regularly set on American Bandstand, following a young girl who dances on the live show, and it featured performances of bands like the Fountains of Wayne posing as The Hollies and cast stars like Paris Hilton as throwback idols like Barbara Eden. But Love's commitment to embodying Nancy Sinatra's singular image should never have been overshadowed, even if the series only ran for three seasons.

The next year would find Love launching Ghost Whisperer, though, so it's understandable how this retro performance got overshadowed by the starring role she took on soon after.

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