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When you send fan mail to your favorite celebrities or shows, there's no guarantee you'll get a response. You don't even know if it'll get read, but you write them because you're a dedicated fan, and it's always the thought of "what if." What if you ARE the lucky person who gets a reply?

Jennifer Love Hewitt, the star of Ghost Whisperer, chose to be one of the few actors to answer viewers' questions. However, it wasn't in the form of a letter. She thought of a different way to respond to fan mail—one that made supporters feel like they were a part of the show.

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In 2006, the actress and producer spoke with Public Opinion about answering fan mail on-ar during the program's CBS lineup."We've been really excited that people have responded to the show the way they have," Hewitt said. "And it just means making sure we work harder than we did on the episode before, so that they continue to watch. It's just an adjustment, just knowing how to keep your energy up and making sure you stay healthy and rested, but it's been a welcome adjustment in my life." 

She added, "What we tried to do with our show is to involve viewers as much as possible and to make it a fun experience to learn about ghosts and what they can do. We want viewers to know that we realize how hard it is to get faithful viewers to come back and watch. We know what that means and how special that is, and we don't take it for granted."

There was an email address to which fans sent their questions, and the thought of seeing their questions get an on-air response was thrilling. It's imperative to show viewers that you value their input and the time they spent watching the series, and Ghost Whisperer did that!

It's probably why the show lasted for half of a decade (2005-2010). 

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