Ghost Whisperer

4 things you didn't know about Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt

These ghosts from her past are nothing to be afraid of.

Can you find the one celebrity who did not appear on Ghost Whisperer?

Do you have a scary good memory of all the celebrities that made their way to Grandview?

This role left Jennifer Love Hewitt more terrified than Ghost Whisperer

Forget the ghosts, this role was much scarier.

Can you finish these Ghost Whisperer episode titles?

Can you finish the titles of some of Melinda Gordon's encounters with the supernatural?

How well do you know the character Melinda Gordon?

It's our favorite Ghost Whisperer.

Ghost Whisperer's ''Don't Try This at Home'' might be the scariest episode of the series

What happens when Bloody Mary meets the Ghost Whisperer?

Are these real Jennifer Love Hewitt songs, or did we make them up?

She didn't just talk to ghosts; she made hits too!

Here's why Jennifer Love Hewitt responded to some Ghost Whisperer fan mail on-air

The series was popular for many reasons, and valuing viewers' input contributed to its success.

Who said it: Maura Isles or Melinda Gordon?

Which fierce woman said these lines?

Can you I.D. shows shot on the same set as Ghost Whisperer?

Grandview goes by a few other names in TV shows and movies.
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