Angela Lansbury made it her mission to make Jessica Fletcher more than just a character. To many, she's the definition of persistent; she's the perfect example of grace and beauty. The role became more than just a job for Lansbury; Fletcher became a role model for women of all ages.

Who would've thought a woman over 40 (the silly maximum age that Hollywood uses as an excuse to minimize roles for older actresses) would have a massive impact on women worldwide? How did Lansbury capture their attention for more than a decade? She perfected the craft of dazzling the audience.

In her book with Mimi Avins, Angela Lansbury's Positive Moves: My Personal Plan for Fitness and Well-Being, the actress discusses the illusion of glamour and how she (and Fletcher) used self-confidence to dazzle.

"I always knew that I could be whatever I wanted to be," she began. "My experience with Mame in New York confirmed for me that I was very much in control of how people perceived me... Having just passed forty, I began to be considered a glamorous woman off the stage [and] on it for the first time in my life, simply because I was projecting more confidence, femininity, and sex appeal than I ever had before. It is so simple and eternally effective: If you think of yourself as attractive, and you behave as if you are, then you will be seen that way."

Lansbury also talks about how confidence shouldn't change as you grow older and the most imperative part of presenting authentic glamour is accepting who you are.

"After the first season of Murder, She Wrote, the press began writing a lot about Jessica as a role model for mature women, citing her behavior and her look. In truth, I think we can all be role models for our younger friends and relatives. We demonstrate, by example, the importance of a woman's projecting beauty and grace."

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