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Successful Hollywood plastic surgeon Sydney Hansen returns home to Providence, Rhode Island to try to keep her dysfunctional family together with the help of her mother's friendly ghost. She also finds work with the local free clinic.


  • Season

S1/EP - Pilot

Sydney visits her family to attend her pregnant sister's wedding.

S1/EP - Home Again

A female patient is desperately frustrated because she doesn't know how to take care of her daughter who has autism. Joanie's daughter and a dog are given names.

S1/EP - All Good Dogs Go to Heaven

Sydney sympathizes with a young girl who is to go to college next year and reminds her of herself in that age, as does her father, Jim, with an old bulldog whose master just has died.

S1/EP - Sisters

Darla is a blacklisted patient and when Syd shows her good will to help she's punched in the nose. Jim and Robbie take drastic methods in use to help a chimpanzee in trouble at the local zoo.

S1/EP - Runaway Sydney

A baby boy needs immediate treatment at the clinic but his father demands a male doctor. Kyle and Jerry both put serious choices to Syd.

S1/EP - Tying the Knot

A dog is severely hurt when it saves a boy from being knocked down, and Joanie invites to her second wedding with Richie.

S1/EP - If Memory Serves

Syd asks a patient, Lilian Gerrish, to rest, but she says that's impossible as her husband claims to have a brain tumor. Jim goes out wearing an elegant tie and after shave.

S1/EP - Blind Faith

Syd applies for work at the local hospital. Danielle tells Robbie that she has to leave her education. A blind woman's dog has trouble with his eyes. A slightly change of a recipe is a spice at Hannah's half year birthday.

S1/EP - Taste of Providence

A young showgirl with back pain saves money for a breast reduction operation, and Syd offers to do it. Cynthia's dog has become lazy in breeding sessions and Joanie enters a cooking contest. Vince tempts Robbie continuously to bet.

S1/EP - You Bet Your Life

Robbie is in a tough betting situation as Vince demands money paid quickly. Syd attracts more interest to her clinic than the hospital's chief fund raiser likes. Jim gets a new assistant, Heather, as Joaney joins the cooking school where she quickly gets a date.

S1/EP - Pig in Providence

David invites Syd to a hotel weekend in Boston. Lily is 16 and wants Syd to give her pills. Robbie takes over the early hours as his father's assistant. Brady is eager to put Mom's Clam Chowder on the national market. Chase Westlake's pig has not eaten in a couple of days.

S1/EP - Saint Syd

Syd offers Lilly a job at the clinic, but her new foster parents want her to work in their shop. Robbie uses one of his father's client's dogs to earn easy money. Joanie gets a double-edged offer from a Japanese business.

S1/EP - Family Tree

Dad takes a vacation to witness seals' births, so he gives instructions to Robbie, who also babysits Hannah for 'businesswoman' Joanie, whose partner Brady Pullman just dumped his girlfriend.

S1/EP - Good Fellows

Mark wants Lily to join him in a school dance. A local Mob boss has an old dog at Jim's clinic and his son romances Syd intensely.

S1/EP - Two to Tango

An iguana makes way for a special connection between Robbie and Heather, Jim helps Lily with a practical school project. Syd seems to be buried with gifts from her admirer.

S1/EP - Guys and Dolls

Paul donates a new roof to Syd's clinic. An old friend, Nick from the DA, warns her against further involvement with Paul. Robbie suggests a local TV commercial for the Barkery. Jackie, 14, seeks help at Syd's clinic alone.

S1/EP - Heaven can Wait

Kyle is back in town on a surprise visit, and Lily asks an old friend to leave her alone. Heather announces she's to leave her job as Jim's assistant, and he asks Robbie to talk her to stay.
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