Nutritionist Sandy Goldberg doesn't accept the word ''no''

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 28, 2018, 4:31PM

After losing 183 pounds, Sandy Goldberg wanted to help others have a similar experience. "I realized that I could be out in the world, that I did have something to add," she told Start TV. "I could go back to school, I could attain a degree that I felt was relevant to who I was."

"I was interested in how nutrients, how nutrition could affect one's life. The way it affected mine, frankly," she said.

She went back to school and studied nutrition, got her degree and opened her own practice. Goldberg is a regular on NBC5 in Chicago and has even started a foundation, A Silver Lining, which provides women with respectful and equal access to cost-free breast health testing. She was told time and time again that she couldn't make it happen. But she did.

Hear more about Goldberg's determination and tenacity in the video below:

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