Jamie Zelermyer fights for gender equality in the film industry

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 5, 2018, 3:08PM

When Jamie Zelermyer was growing up in West Virginia, she didn't have a film industry in her hometown. Instead, she'd watch the Academy Awards and dream about becoming a part of making movies.

Today, she's a film producer in New York asking tough questions of the established industry there like, "Is it harder for women to get an agent? Is it harder for women to run shows?” As the Program Manager of Made In New York: Pilot Competition, Zelermyer works with the mayor's office to improve gender diversity in television, and she tells it like it is in the video above.

For Zelermyer, breaking into the film industry put her on the crew of many movies, but she points to Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning films like You Can Count on Me and Boys Don't Cry as the projects she's most proud of. Why? Because of the poignancy of the stories they told. Zelermyer told Start TV, "To work on things that you really care about is special." Then she adds, "Lucky.”

Watch Zelermyer discuss her favorite films she's worked on: 

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