Fans were upset when Crossing Jordan went on hiatus, but here's why Jill Hennessy needed the break

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: September 27, 2023, 4:14PM    Tags: Crossing Jordan, Jill Hennessy

Hiatuses—at some point, you need to take one for your health. It's not uncommon for people who work in film and television to take breaks. They're needed, especially for people who work in production, including actors, directors, editors, and more. The cast and crew spend long days and nights filming and trying to fulfill the needs of their audience.

Those long workdays often impede the workers from taking care of themselves mentally and physically. It's also difficult to start a family when you have to film most of the year. Yet, that didn't stop one actress from creating happiness in her personal life. Jill Hennessy, the star of Crossing Jordan, took a lengthy break from the series for a great reason.

"I really appreciate that I can have a job and a child at the same time," Hennessy told Cox News Service in 2004. The then-latest season of Crossing Jordan was shelved for ten months to accommodate her pregnancy.

"Everything feels a lot richer now. I can go to work with people I love, be a creative individual and then see this beautiful human being who smiles every time he sees me. It's so wonderful to incorporate both in my life," she added.

Perhaps her child and bright outlook on life impacted her role as Jordan Cavanaugh on the show. The character had an intense side, but Hennessy told the publication to expect a lighter version of the Medical Examiner.

"We will see more of that. It's good to balance heavy drama with some levity. I miss playing the comedic aspects of this character...where she's zany and a little over the edge."

Crossing Jordan was home to NBC, and the network supported Hennessy and her decision to take some time off. "I discussed it with them and they were wonderful about it. I know I was putting a wrench in the machinery...but they immediately came up with a great plan," she revealed.

They shot the first six episodes of season three right after season two ended, so Hennessy's character would only be missing from two. Some fans weren't happy about waiting ten months for a new season of their favorite show, but once season three was announced, it felt like the greatest news ever.

"A lot of people did seem a little upset. It's nice to see how many people are involved in the show. That gave me a lot of inspiration and made me feel pretty darn good." 

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