Chaz Ebert has good reason to believe ''hope is a strategy''

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 17, 2019, 12:45PM

Chaz Ebert is currently the President of the Ebert Company and Ebert Digital, Publisher of, President of Ebert Productions, Chairman of the Board of The Roger and Chaz Ebert Foundation, and Co-Founder and Producer of Ebertfest. She began her career as a trial attorney. She told Start TV, "I think I was born with the desire to advocate on behalf of people."

Married to the iconic film critic Roger Ebert, Chaz became a caregiver when her husband fell ill. She offered practical advice for anyone who decides to step up as a caregiver as she did, but she also said, "I think sometimes hope is a strategy."

Chaz Ebert has this advice for caregivers and philanthropists dedicated to helping people:

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