Karen Conti does a lot. Attorney, radio talk show host and legal commentator, she's acquired a breadth of knowledge throughout her law career. She and her husband even represented infamous Chicago killer John Wayne Gacy in his last set of death row appeals. While some may balk at her choice to represent him, she had her reasons.

"I really thought, 'This is something I have to do,'" she told Start TV. "Being asked to represent somebody who is the worst of the worst, in a case that we can't win. This is my chance to stand up against the death penalty. It was very unpopular."

In her interview with Start TV, Conti also addressed the double standards dealt with by women in the courtroom. She has been accused of being "hysterical" during a case, when in reality, she was persuading the jury, despite men being praised for this type of behavior as an attorney. Working her way up in the law world, wasn't always easy, but Conti perservered.

"Looking back," she said, "Every chance that I took changed the route of where I was going in a positive direction."

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