Artistic director Julie Proudfoot is laser-focused on telling more women's stories

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 27, 2018, 11:07AM

Julie Proudfoot is the Founding Artistic Director of Artemisia - A Chicago Theatre, as well as a theatre, film and TV actress. The theatre is centered on the development of new feminist plays. "In our contemporary America, women's stories need to be shared," Proudfoot told Start TV. "When we build empathy, we build a better society."

In 2021, Julie did double duty as a producer and actor for the world Premiere of GOODS, Lauren Ferebee’s story of interplanetary trash collectors, at Artemisia Theatre.

Proudfoot's focus goes beyond just female stories. She also feels it's important to support other women in the field, rising up as actors, directors and writers. She offers this advice to anyone trying to make it in the entertainment industry, "Have a way to have an impact on your own career."

Watch Proudfoot explain where women are finding more and more opportunity in the entertainment industry:

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