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Critics get paid to write their opinions and judge the work of others that they could never produce. Some are incredibly harsh in their criticisms—writing articles full of bias. Some critics are experts in their fields and evaluate content (productions, art, music, etc.) based on many factors, attempting to avoid being too personal and providing constructive criticism.

Touched by an Angel, unfortunately, faced many hardships before its rise in popularity as critics didn’t support the show, and many opted out of promoting it!

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"Honey, it seems like folks did everything they could to knock this show off the air," Reese told The Spokesman-Review features writer Sally Stone in 1996. The actress was one of the stars of the series alongside Roma Downey. "There were times when I never knew it was showing. They were forever preempting for something or another. It got so [bad], a lot of people in your business who write about television were saying we were being cancelled."

She continued, "Nobody has made that decision exactly. We were, however, being put into a position where people couldn't find us, and if they couldn't find us, they couldn't watch us, and if they don't watch you—watch out!"

To make matters even worse, the network itself wasn't really promoting the show. So, how did Touched by an Angel move past this hurdle? Dedicated viewers (the minority able to find the show) fought for more exposure by writing letters.

"The word got out, and here we are—everyone who supported us is happy we're doing as well as we are. And those who got to see us for the first time have pretty much stayed with us."

Without those fans, the show would've ended without reaching its full potential.

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