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We hear about actors' experiences on set all the time. They let us know their favorite parts about filming scenes and what tactics they use to create a sense of realism in an imaginary world. With Piper Perabo, who portrayed Annie Walker on Covert Affairs, she believed that to "own" a scene, actors need to live in the moment.

"As an actor, I have to remind myself sometimes, 'Don't worry realistically about how we are going to do this?' Your responsibility is the imaginary world. If you're doing a scene where you get shot, or someone dies, your responsibility is just the truth of that moment; you don't have to worry about that other stuff," Perabo told McClatchy-Tribune in 2011.

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"If you're a practical person, you can get wrapped up in 'How much time is left in the day?' And, 'How are we going to shoot this?' And, 'Can you see me if I move like this?' But really, your responsibility is just to live out the moment."

How devoted to living in the moment was Piper? She broke her leg executing a stunt on Covert Affairs' first season's finale! Doctors placed a pin near her knee while she healed and then went back in to remove it.

As viewers, it's easy to tell when actors are "trying too hard" to bring a character to life and when they were "made for" the role, flawlessly executing a scene.

Perabo "lived" as Annie Walker in the series, which is why the role fits her perfectly.

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