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 Cold Case was a series that contributed to Kathryn Morris' overall success in the television industry. It opened doors for her to become a household name and was her longest lead TV role from 2003-2010. However, while she was playing Lilly Rush, Morris also starred in films, like Resurrecting the Champ in 2007.

If this movie sounds familiar, it's probably because Morris worked alongside legends like Samuel L. Jackson and Alan Alda in it.

According to IMDb, Resurrecting the Champ is based on the true story of an up-and-coming sports reporter who rescues a homeless man (Champ, played by Samuel L. Jackson) who turns out to be a forgotten boxing legend that many thought passed away. The reporter, Erik Kernan Jr. (played by Josh Hartnett), goes through a journey of self-reflection as he revives the Champ, examining his own life and relationships as well.

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Morris portrays Joyce Kernan, Erik's wife, who is more accomplished and older than her husband. Their marriage is falling apart, and Hartnett's character believes that a story on Champ could skyrocket his career.

"Samuel L. Jackson is a homeless boxer living in an alley in Denver," Kathryn Morris told the News and Record in 2007. "He used to be a champ but now is drinking amid the dumpsters. Fraternity boys come by to box with him, showing off."

According to the article, the film debuted at Sundance, a popular film festival. She continued, "It really shook up the dads in the audience. They were all crying."

Resurrecting the Champ had a $13 million budget but only garnered around $3 million at the box office. It was nominated for an ESPY Award for Best Sports Movie in 2008.

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