Jane Seymour Recalls Working With Johnny and June Cash on 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman'

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: July 17, 2020, 2:48PM

Image: Everett Collection

More than 20 years after the finale, the cast of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman reunited to reminisce about the beloved Western drama series.

The leading actress of the show, Jane Seymour, was joined by her fellow co-stars as well as series creator Beth Sullivan via Zoom chat.

Taking place in Colorado Springs, the show told a humanistic tale story of medical practitioner Dr. Michaela Quinn as she begins her new life in the West. The series aired for six seasons followed by two movies. It was the last Western TV show to air directly on broadcast television.

Throughout the interview, the cast talked about their memorable moments while working on the set of the show. One story in particular from Jane Seymour herself was of guest star appearances from both Johnny and June Cash.

She recalls being on set with June Cash, at "three or four in the morning," while waiting for the crew to fix something on set. Continuing to wait, June Cash exclaimed to Seymour, "Honey, I am just too old, too rich, too famous to be doing this," as Seymour simply replied, "Sadly, I'm not!"

Jane Seymour has mentioned in previous interviews that one of her main reasons for picking up her now beloved role was because of initial money issues.

"How do we speed things up?" asked June.

Johnny Cash then quietly took up his prop guitar to the set and began serenading the entire set crew. "They got a free concert from Johnny Cash!" said Seymour. The crew finally fixed what they were working on and the scene resumed as normal.

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