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"They thought, 'Oh, we’ll make this, and nobody will ever watch it.' And they were very wrong," said Jane Seymour about the early doubts of her hit series.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman stands as a staple of 90s television. Airing for 7 seasons with 2 follow-up movies, the western drama was praised highly by critics and fans alike.

Among the biggest supporters of the series was the star of the show, Jane Seymour. Having starred in every episode, a Funny or Die parody, and even in the talks for a possible reboot, Seymour can’t get enough of Dr. Quinn’s adventures.

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While the series would go on to be a smash hit shown all around the world, not everyone had faith in its success.

During the first screening of the pilot episode for Dr. Quinn, a tester for the broadcast station spoke up to CBS stating that he wouldn’t work for them anymore if they aired the series. Believing in the work they had done, Seymour spoke out to the advertiser's executives of the network herself stating her confidence in the show.

“I had the audacity to go to the up-fronts, to go and speak to all the advertisers, and I got up and said, ‘Hey, I’ve seen the other shows, and I think ours is the winner!’" said Jane Seymour in an interview with the AV Club about the show's early days.

With the help of Seymour’s campaigning, the pilot episode aired in January 1993. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman would go on to be broadcast in 98 countries and win 4 of 19 Emmy nominations.

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