They are twin sisters and best friends who followed a similar career path.

Brandi and her sister Brittani excelled academically and were always drawn to science. They attended Cornell University where Brandi majored in psychology, while Brittani majored in biology. They both decided to attend medical school, and separated for the first time, with Brandi attending Northwestern University Feinburg School of Medicine, while Brittani attended the University of Michigan Medical School.

After overcoming similar struggles, they both were elected Chief Residents, one of the highest honors possible in a residency program. The sisters reunited in Chicago after med school, and are now both practicing physicians working with vulnerable populations on Chicago’s West and South Sides. They also created Med Like Me as a resource to help guide minorities who may want to follow in their footsteps.

Watch as Brandi and Brittani discuss how rewarding it is to work in underserved communities

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