Roma Maffia vowed never to have the same job twice, and she has kept that promise

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: September 12, 2019, 2:24PM

Roma Maffia first began acting in off-Broadway productions. Soon after being cast in Ron Howard’s 1994 film The Paper she landed a role on the TV series Chicago Hope. Following that series, she played Grace Alvarez, the forensic pathologist for the Violent Crimes Task Force for four seasons on NBC's Profiler. Most recently, she appeared in an episode of Bull as the principal guest star in "Witness for the Prosecution," portraying a notorious drug dealer and murderer. This just goes to show that Maffia's not averse to putting down the badge or gavel to flex her dramatic muscles to shine in any role. She has also appeared on many other television programs including ER, The West Wing, Law and Order, Boston Legal, Nip/Tuck and Pretty Little Liars.

Listen to how her mother's protective advice inspired Maffia to be a flexible actor: 

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