Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber is prepared for anything

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 28, 2018, 2:45PM

"I think my biggest accomplishment as a cinematographer is that I'm still here and working," says director of photography Nancy Schreiber. "You have to be able to stand up and brush yourself off when you don't get a job you wanted. I really believe in female mentorship and I try to have as many women on my crew as possible. I'm really trying to reach out and give opportunity because if I don't, who will?"

Schreiber is trying to make the industry easier for women than it was when she got her start. She started off as a production assistant and worked her way up to her current position. When she first got into filmmaking, she made her own documentary by raising and borrowing money. Though she initally went into debt for her dream, her film was a success!

Watch Schreiber talk about her passion for filmmaking in the video below:

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