These are the creepiest kids Melinda encounters on Ghost Whisperer

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: June 6, 2019, 2:59PM

Kids who flicker in and out by a baby's crib.

Kids who crawl in the attic of an inn for more than 50 years.

Kids who parade in spine-chilling masks down a hospital corridor.

Kids who play with fire and fight poltergeists.

Ghost Whisperer had no shortage of children to supply episodes with extra chills, because the only thing sadder than a spirit stuck between two worlds is when that struggling entity suffers through the eyes of a child.

Creepy kids have made a major impact on the big screen in movies like Poltergeist and The Omen, and it's in this spirited tradition that Ghost Whisperer followed on television. But out of all the kid ghosts Melinda crossed paths with, these were the ones who left behind the most lasting nightmares.


The Lost Boys

In the first season, the episode "The Lost Boys" finds Melinda in an inn that's been haunted by three boys for the past 50 years. When she first encounters them in the attic, it's so dark, you can barely make out their tiny figures, creating a haunting effect that only becomes more brilliant in the blaze that put them in the dark attic so long ago in the first place.


"Demon Child"

In "Demon Child," Melinda comes across the ghost of a boy hell-bent on terrorizing his entire family, and one of the creepiest appearances he makes is at his baby sister's crib. Peering in, the spirit flickers from one side of the crib to the next before dropping his jaw to make a ghastly face that echoes the haunting Scream mask.


"Children of Ghosts"

A kid stuck in the foster system catches Melinda's eye in "Children of Ghosts," which has Exorcist-like vibes when Melinda first encounters the troubled girl and she seems to rotate all the posters on the wall, even causing one to crash. The twist in this one proves it's not all just child's play, though.


"The Children's Parade"

Ghost Whisperer saved perhaps the creepiest kids for last, creating a chilling line-up of children in the series' finale episode "The Children's Parade." The episode finds Melinda tracking a poltergeist in a children's hospital and the conclusion literally electrifies the ghost whisperer as she finds herself in what's described as her ultimate showdown with the spirit world.

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