5 Times we've seen Christopher Gorham outside of Covert Affairs

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: May 23, 2024, 1:22PM    Tags: Christopher Gorham, Covert Affairs

Christopher Gorham has had a very diverse career. While we know him as Auggie, the tech genius handler from Covert Affairs, he's had roles in multiple TV shows and movies over the years. Here are a few that you can check him out in. 

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John Groberg — The Other Side of Heaven (2001)

In one of Gorham's earlier roles, he starred as John Groeberg, a Mormon missionary who went to Tonga to spread the word of God. The movie, which was based on Groberg's autobiography In the Eye of the Storm, follows the struggles of Groberg as he tries to live when adjusting to life alongside the natives. Gorham would return to the character 18 years later in 2019 for its sequel. 

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Henry Grubstick — Ugly Betty (2006)

It seems like Christopher Gorham has a thing for playing smart characters who know a lot about computers. In this ABC sitcom, Gorham plays Mode Magazine accountant Henry Grubstick. Henry is involved in a love triangle with Betty and deli clerk Gio, though she ends up going her separate way from both of them.

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Paul Tarson — Answer This! (2011)

Who doesn't love bar trivia? In this movie, Gorham plays a student at the University of Michigan Paul Tarson, who doesn't have any idea what to do with his life. Over the course of the film, Paul finds his knack for trivia and enters a citywide tournament, while also trying to finish his dissertation.

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Bob Barnard — Insatiable (2018)

After Covert Affairs, Gorham proved that he could do comedy as well as playing the smart guy in the chair. In 2018, Gorham starred as Bob Barnard in Netflix's controversial comedy Insatiable. Bob often spends his time messing with his rival Bob Armstrong, who tries to be main character Patty's pageant coach.

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Trevor Elliott — The Lincoln Lawyer (2022)

This is Gorham's most recent role, and in this Netflix crime series, he takes a more villainous turn. Gorham stars as Trevor Elliott, a billionaire game developer who is alleged to have murdered his wife and her lover after discovering their affair. His trial makes up one of the main plot points of the show's first season.

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