These two child stars shared the role of Chloe Waters on Profiler

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 14, 2019, 4:02PM

On Profiler, Sam Waters is driven into hiding after the Jack of All Trades kills her husband, mostly because she still has a daughter to protect. Chloe Waters is depicted as a sweet, outgoing girl, huge dog lover and forever adaptable kid, despite the scarring fact that she's the only one to have seen the Jack of All Trades with her own two eyes (albeit, the serial killer was in disguise). 

In the show's first two seasons, Chloe is played by Caitlin Wachs, a child actor who appeared in a handful of TV roles before landing the recurring role on Profiler. On the show, she's frequently seen in a pair of braids, hugging a giant panda, but as she gets older, she grows a little more sophisticated, sporting chokers and butterfly clips that will surely transport you to the early 2000s.

This makeover comes gradually over the show's third and fourth seasons, when attentive fans likely noticed that not only did little Chloe Waters start to grow up, but she also got re-cast. In Profiler's third season, Wachs left the show to join the cast of the short-lived series To Have and To Hold. That freed up the role for a new rising star to fill, and it was Evan Rachel Wood who stepped in to fill Wachs' shoes.

By 1998 when Wood would join Profiler, she'd been in a few TV shows and TV movies, but it was Practical Magic that helped the young star break out. That movie premiered just a month before Wood debuted on Profiler, and in it, she played daughter to Sandra Bullock's Sally Owens, portraying a witch newly in possession of powers that allow her to hex and charm as she pleases. After that movie opened at No. 1, more doors opened to Wood, eventually leading to Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated roles in movies like Thirteen and TV series like Westworld.

On Profiler, Wood appeared in six episodes in the third and fourth seasons, while Wachs played Chloe across the first two seasons for 41 episodes. So although they both feature in two seasons each, Wachs is likely the child star fans most associate with the role.

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